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Welcome to The Bunting Society
07:56PM BST - Friday, 19 April 2019     Contact Administrator. Please include your username.

A Bunting Re-Union in the States

It’s that time again--to meet new relatives and reminisce with the ones you know! Buntings from birth to 90+ come every year and we want all in between to join us for good food and fellowship.

Time & Place – Mark Your Calendars!
Saturday, April 17, 2004 at 3:30 p.m.
Cedar Grove Community Center
(Remember, our reunion is the third Saturday of April each year!)

What to Bring
A covered dish (plates, cups, napkins and utensils will be provided), family pictures, pictures from last year’s reunion, a Bunting who has never attended.

From Asheboro, travel west on Hwy #49. Two miles past the city limits turn right on Union Church Road. The building is number 1379, 1/8 mile on the right (the opposite end goes to the airport). Please drive safely!

Officers to Serve You
President: Gary Waisner, Ramseur
Gary descends from Solomon’s first son, Alson Gray.
Vice President:George York, New London
George descends from Solomon’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane.
Secretary/Treasurer:Joyce Williams, Sophia
Joyce descends from Solomon’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane.
Historian: LaVerne Bunting Hayes, Charlotte
LaVerne descends from Solomon’s fifth son, Samuel Franklin.
Thanks to all our officers for doing an outstanding job! Who is Your Ancestor? Children of Solomon and Louisa Smith Bunting:
1.Alson Gray Bunting (b. 1-1847, d. 5-2-1919) m. Elizabeth Jane Coltrane (b. 2-8-1850, d. 8-22-1932), d/o Nelson and Mary Davis Coltrane. Alson was a school teacher; he lived and is buried at Cedar Grove.
2.Arrington G. Bunting (b. 9-26-1849, d. 5-14-1913) m. Emma Cornelia Woodburn (b. 1-31-1851, d. 1-11-1931). He was a school teacher and lived in Randolph Co. and Greensboro. Emma was a teacher/co-founder of Guilford College. Although Arrington was a Quaker, he is buried at Lee’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Greensboro.
3.Jonathan Worth Bunting (b. 10-1855, d. 1913) m. Mary M. Haddock (b.1861, d.4-1917). He was a farmer and gold miner and is buried at West Bend Methodist Church in Asheboro.
4.Elizabeth Jane Bunting (b. 6-2-1858, d. 11-1922) m. Henry Voncannon (b. 9-19-1851, d. 12-31-95). She is buried at Springfield Friends Meeting, Guilford Co.
5.William Hix Bunting (b. 7-7-1865, d. 7-30-1900) m. Mattie Ledwell
(b. 1875, d. 1922). He is buried at Asheboro City Cemetery.
6.Samuel Franklin Bunting (b. 12-17-1870, d. 5-29-1933) m. Effie Jane Coltrane (b. 5-7-1879, d. 6-3-1928), d/o Spencer Allen Coltrane and Katherine Purdie Hoover. He is buried at Charlotte Methodist Church, Lexington Hwy, Asheboro.
The remaining four: Abigail (b. 1851, d. between 1860-70); Asa, died young; infant, died; and Delphinia (b. 1860) died at age 29 in 1889, born blind. All are buried in Asheboro City Cemetery (at the parking area to the left from Salisbury Street entrance).
A history of William and Abigail Bunting and their ten documented children are listed in the newsletter for 2003. A few copies of this history will be available at the reunion this year.

Wedding Bells Ring!
Eric John Murray, son of Johnny and Debbie Bunting Murray of Asheboro, and Kathie Lin Roebuck of Durham, were married Sept. 20, 2003 at Greystone Manor in Durham. Eric descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Wes C. Bunting of Raleigh and Heather S. Landis of Kinston were married Dec. 2, 2003. Wes is the son of Duane Ray Bunting of Asheboro and the grandson of Ray Bunting. Wes descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray.

Jennifer Bunting, daughter of Gene and Nancy Bunting of Asheboro and Mark Cox, were married in Franklinville on May 10, 2003. Jennifer descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Alison Wesley of Richmond VA, daughter of Robert, Jr. and Susan Bodsford Wesley, and Matthew Ponchihi were married Oct. 18, 2003 at Bald Head Island. Alison descends from Solomon's 4th son, William Hix.

Tawny Leigh Smith and Joseph R. Gonzales were married May 31, 2003 at McDonough, GA. She is the daughter of Richard and Kathy Kennedy Smith. Tawny descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Chris Allen, son of Larry and Sue Bunting Allen of Asheboro and Susan Bristow, were married Mar. 20, 2004. Chris descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Kristen Bunting and Nick Beckle of CA were married Oct. 2003 at Miramar Air Station. Kristin is the daughter of Rick Bunting of CA and granddaughter of William Worth and Lillian Davis Bunting. Kristin descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Welcome to the Bunting Family!
April Leonard Wilson was born in 2004, granddaughter of Bruce Bunting and Joanne Wrape Spencer of Sophia. April descends from Solomon's 4th son, William Hix.

Sophie Beth Macon was born July 3, 2003 in Guilford Co. to Keith and Crystal Shaw Macon of Randleman. Sophie descends from Solomon through daughter, Elizabeth Jane. Jack Redmond Bunting was born to Kyle and Elizabeth Murphy Bunting in CA on August 5, 2003. Kyle is the son of James and Peggy Bunting of Chapin, SC. Jack descends from Solomon's 4th son, William Hix.

Allison Elizabeth was born October 18, 2003 to Rick and Susan Wesley at Bald Head Island. Susan is the daughter of Colleen Bunting Bodsford. Allison descends from Solomon's 4th son, William Hix.

Avery James was born to Craig and Tammy LeGlue in High Point on May 9, 2003. Tammy is the daughter of Jim and Shelby Johnston. Avery descends from Solomon's 3rd son, Jonathan Worth.
Karley Amanda Long, daughter of Kelly Long, was born December 23, 2003. Karley descends from Solomon's 2nd son, Arrington, father of Baxter Blair.

Madison Danielle McMasters was born August 16, 2003 to Mike and Patricia
Shaw McMasters. Madison descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth

Wedding Anniversary
George and Ardell Bunting of Asheboro celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary Jan. 20, 2004. They received many gifts during the enjoyable occasion. George descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray.

We Are Sad to Have Lost
Rodney Dale Bunting, 16, of Asheboro died December 23, 2003 at his home. He was the son of Joey and Elaine Bunting. Rodney was a descendant of Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray.

Thomas Raymond “Ray” Peak III, 41, of Randleman, died February 17, 2004, at his home. He was the son of Thomas and Gertrude Peak. Ray was a descendant of Solomon through 3rd son, Jonathan Worth.

Ronnie Michael Davis, 49, died July 1, 2003. He was the grandson of Harvey Shaw and the son of Hortence. Ronnie was a descendant of Solomon's daughter Eizabeth Jane.

Ernest N. Harvell, 87, of Asheboro, died March 22, 2003 in Greensboro. He was the father of Peggy Harvell Bunting of Chapin, SC and father-in-law of James Bunting who descends from Solomon's 4th son, William Hix. His grandsons, Mark Bunting of TX and Kyle Bunting of CA were pallbearers.

Lois Elaine Dorsett Bunting, 76, of Asheboro wife of Ray Bunting died July 15, 2003. Ray descends from Solomon through 1st son, Alson Gray.

Marie M. Bunting, 75, of Seagrove, died March 9, 2004. She is survived by husband, Raeford Bunting and son, Wayne J. Bunting. Raeford descends from Solomon's 3rd son, Jonathan Worth.

Evelyn Charlene Shaw died March 11, 2004. She was the widow of the late
Joseph Lee Shaw. Joseph was a descendant of Solomon's daughter,
Elizabeth Jane through daughter Alice Shaw.

Education and Job Recognition
Lauren Link of Indian Trail, daughter of Jane Crowell and David Link, graduated from Piedmont HS in May 2003 and is attending Appalachian. Lauren descends from Solomon through 4th son, William Hix.

Justin Ballzglier, son of Perry, will graduate in May from UNC-CH. Hunter, son of Perry, is attending East Carolina University. Justin and Hunter descend from Solomon through 2nd son Arrington, father of Baxter Blair.

Rob Wesley III, son of Robert Jr. and Susan Wesley of Winston-Salem, graduated from NC State University May 2003. Robert descends from Solomon through 4th son, William Hix.
Kerry Thompson, daughter of Becky and Adron Thompson, is now serving in the Army in Honolulu, Hawaii. Kerry descends from Solomon through 2nd son, Arrington, father of Baxter Blair.

Jordan Wesley, son of Robert Jr. and Susan Wesley, graduated from RJ Reynolds HS in Winston-Salem May 2003. He attends Washington and Lee University in VA. Jordan descends from Solomon through 4th son, William Hix.
Morgan Sink, daughter of Sybil and David Sink and April Thompson, daughter of Becky and Adron Thompson are attending Alamance Tech this year. Morgan and April descend from Solomon’s 2nd son, Arrington, father of Baxter Blair.

David Wright of Greensboro, son of Bob and Doris Wright of Asheboro, has been promoted to Manager of Professional Development at Jefferson Pilot Financial Corp. David descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane.

Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy Membership
All members of our family, descendants of Solomon Bunting 1822-89, are qualified for membership in SCV and UDC using Solomon's infantry service for credentials. Matthew Waisner is commander of SCV in Asheboro and his father, Terry, is a re-enactor. Matthew and Terry descend from Solomon’s 1st son, Alson Gray.

Pictures Found and Pictures Needed!
We have pictures of: Solomon and Louisa Smith Bunting, wedding picture, 1846; Arrington (b.1849) and Emma Cornelia Woodburn Bunting with family in 1902; Elizabeth Jane Coltrane wife of Alson Gray Bunting; Elizabeth Bunting (b.1858) and Henry Voncannon; William Hix (b.1865) and Mattie Ledwell Bunting; Samuel Franklin (1870-1933) and Effie Jane Coltrane Bunting.

We need pictures of: Alson Gray Bunting (b.1847); Jonathan Worth Bunting (b.1855) and Mary Haddock Bunting (b.1861). Please help!

Bunting Website
The Bunting Society, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England, has a website. It includes membership details, the purpose and activities of the Society.

Bunting Birds
According to the Audubon Society there are more than 40 species of Bunting birds worldwide. There are 14 species known to exist in North America and there are 14 species illustrated in National Geographic’s Field Guide to the Birds of North America. This book will be on display at our reunion. All Bunting birds are members of the Finch family.

Origin of Our Name
Clothing of the Anglo-Saxons was called “Bunt”; ing or inge meant descendant or family of. We are descendants of the people who wore the Bunt.

Bunting Field - Our Ancestral Home
Our ancestral home was found by us in 1990. Bunting Field was given to John Bunting by King Edward I in 1285 as a land grant. It is located in Derbyshire (middle England) between Matlock and Chesterfield. In the 1600’s, the King looked for it to destroy as it was a meeting place for Quakers. It stayed in the Bunting family until 1819 when another John Bunting sold it and moved 15 rooms of the house to Chesterfield where it served as a school and hospital. This building was demolished in August of 1990. “Bunting Field” is still on the gate today. It is currently owned by Mr. E.Joseph Lee. One part of the house is stucco with a seal, “B, I&E, 1638”, on the front. This part was built by Isaac and Elizabeth Bunting who are buried in the family cemetery behind the house. The newer part is built of red brick and is dated 1819. It consists of 112 acres and is used as a dairy farm. Mr. Lee also raises sheep and horses. It is a beautiful estate. Many Buntings have visited over the years.

Some of the Bunting Family settled in Scotland. There were not enough to form their own clan, therefore, they became a sept under Clan Graham of Menteith. You are qualified to wear this tartan. It is blue and black.

If you would like to receive the Bunting Society Newsletter twice yearly from England contact: Prue James, 143 Lodge Rd., Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3JB, England. Phone: 011-44-787-247836. Six pounds British Sterling or about $10.00 (British Sterling must be sent).

OLD ENGLISH LULLABY: Bye Baby Bunting, Daddy’s Gone A Hunting, Gone to Get A Rabbit Skin, To Wrap The Baby Bunting In.

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A Bunting Re-Union in the States
Authored by: Anonymous on 05:51PM BST - Wednesday, 04 August 2004

hey im terri bunting and i dont know hardly any of my relatives could you please help me my msn address is

please help me find my family tree my mum is caroline bunting and my dad is neil bunting i hope that has helped

Bunting from Oz...
Authored by: Anonymous on 02:07AM BST - Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Hi there,

My name is Linda Bunting, I doubt I am related but you never you have any Bunting relaitons in Australia? 

Thank you


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