Buntings in Rutland

07:13PM BST - Sunday, 30 May 2004

Contributed by: Anonymous

I am interested in Buntings in Teigh, Rutland around 1750-1850. I have an unmarried mother in my tree - Elizabeth SPURR (1800-1872) who had at least 3 children, the second having the name John Bunting SPURR. I suspect that John BUNTING from Teigh 1777-1834 may have been the father, but I am also aware of other BUNTINGs in Teigh around this time and also that some of the BUNTINGs had "some reputation". Can anyone help me shed more light on thes TEIGH BUNTINGs? The 3 fatherless children involved are:

John SPURR c1826-1827

John Bunting SPURR 1835-1835

Daniel William SPURR 1839-1912, all born in Teigh, Rutland

Their mother, Elizabeth,had the "respectable" job of Schoolmistress at the girls' school in Wymondham. Please send any comments or advice to spurr.fh-at-btinternet.comAlso note that I have some gravestone photos of various BUNTINGsfrom Teigh churchyard. Could someone confirm that John BUNTING's parents were George and Frances?

Thanks, John H Spurr, Maidenhead, UK

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