Bunting Field Papers?

09:30PM BST - Friday, 16 July 2004

Contributed by: Laverne Bunting Hayes

I received a message from David Bunton in AR. He and I have both visited Bunting Field in Darbyshire. He was told that someone in the Lee family had old papers on the land. Does anyone know anything re this? He said it might fill in some gaps in our history.

Our ancestral home was found by us in 1990. Bunting Field was given to John Bunting by King Edward I in 1285 as a land grant. It is located in Derbyshire (middle England) between Matlock and Chesterfield. In the 1600’s, the King looked for it to destroy as it was a meeting place for Quakers. It stayed in the Bunting family until 1819 when another John Bunting sold it and moved 15 rooms of the house to Chesterfield where it served as a school and hospital. This building was demolished in August of 1990. “Bunting Field” is still on the gate today. It is currently owned by Mr. E.Joseph Lee. One part of the house is stucco with a seal, “B, I&E, 1638”, on the front. This part was built by Isaac and Elizabeth Bunting who are buried in the family cemetery behind the house. The newer part is built of red brick and is dated 1819. It consists of 112 acres and is used as a dairy farm. Mr. Lee also raises sheep and horses. It is a beautiful estate. Many Buntings have visited over the years.

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