A A Bunting as Iago

12:11AM BST - Saturday, 17 July 2004

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Alan Merryweather has a watercolour picture of a man, bearing the legend 'A. A. Bunting as Iago'. The distinctive Art Deco style of the lettering seems to date it from the 1920s and 1930s.
The artist's monogram is OJTES, but the surname may start with
letter 'T'.
The picture was handed down to Alan's family from his Mother in Law Doris May Russell nee Fennell. His Father in Law was George Clement Russell. Each died within the past 20 years. Doris May came from East London and George Clement from the Wandsworth. It is possible that the A A Bunting was a friend of Alan's In Laws.
Whilst Alan says the picture is not for sale, if someone can show a family connection he might be persuaded to sell it involving a donation to a charity.
The very least that we would hope for is that someone can identify the actor so that a family tree can be constructed.

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