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07:57PM BST - Sunday, 10 October 2004

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

It is sometimes useful being moderately extrovert and thus becoming known to most of the people at a family history conference. The conference in question being held at Loughborough University was called a "Flight of Yesterday" with a theme of "The 70s". We took this to mean 1970 but others chose it to be 1770 and so each wore an appropriate costume for the evening party. On walking past one dining table an attractive, young woman remarked that she had a Bunting enquiry and was I interested. I was intrigued even more when she introduced herself as Rowan Tanner. My elder Grandson also has the name Rowan. Each of the boys was named after a type of tree, Rowan and Aiken (oak like). It seemed strange to me that a girl should be called Rowan. Her parents Steve Tanner and Gill Horlick, as did many couples in the 60s, decided to buy an engagement ring. Their searches for an appropriate one lead them to Portobello Road, London, in the August of 1968. Their choice was one that had a round moss agate stone set on a round gold saucer surmounting the gold ring. Whilst the appearance was the main reason for them to purchase the ring inscribed on the inside surface was the sentence "John Feast Bunting died 18 July 1888 aged 2 years 7 weeks". They thought that originally it had been made to fit a man's little finger. Gill and Steve were so captivated by the inscription that they made the decision there and then that when they bought the ring that they would they would name their first son, John, in memory of John Feast Bunting. Subsequently Rowan's brother John was born in June 1973.

Rowan has posed the following challenges to the Society. Who were John Feast's ancestors? Her Mother would dearly love to know. Also why was the ring sold? Did John Feast have any siblings and have they any descendants alive today?

Quite a challenge. Do you know answers?

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