Family History Research Techniques.

12:06AM BST - Sunday, 17 October 2004

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

BBC Television UK is transmitting a series of ten programmes, every Tuesday, about researching family history.

The hour long programme on BBC2 uses different, well known UK television personalities as the weekly example.

The half hour programme on BBC4 uses the cases of interesting members of the public. That on Tuesday, October 19th, whilst not using Buntings, has an American family, the Bailey's of Ohio, who travel to Scotland in search of their roots.

As many video recorders are now multi standard there is a good reason for overseas members to persuade their UK cousins to make a tape or DVD for them as the techniques demonstrated do have a general application. The BBC in my day used to sell its programmes to companies abroad so an alternative may be to suggest to your local TV Service that they should buy the series!

See the "Calendar" for the latest programme detail.

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