Buntings in Quainton

04:58PM BST - Friday, 22 October 2004

Contributed by: StanCook

A list of Buntings in Quainton and a few others places.

The Church Wardens and Overseer of the Poor, Accounts.
1791. William Bunting.
1822. George Bunting.
1829. Emanuel Bunting.
1801. Mrs Bunting.

Quainton Church Graveyard.
1817 Jane Bunting.
1817 Eliza Martha Bunting.
1825 Sarah Bunting.
1846 John Bunting.
John Shirley and his wife Selina (No date shown).

Miscellaneous Information.

Posse Comitatus 1798 - List of Bucks men aged 16-60, not serving in the Army
in that year.
John Bunting.
William Bunting.

Northants Militia List, 1777. Long Buckby.
Thomas Bunting.
Richard Bunting.
John Bunting.
William Bunting.

1797 Edmund Bunting.

65th Regiment.
3035 Pte. Robert Bunting, enlisted 1852.

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