Buntings in a Book - A Review.

09:21PM GMT - Saturday, 08 January 2005

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

For those Members of the Society with Hertfordshire, UK interests from 1925 onwards, there is a book titled- A Century Remembered, A Celebration of the Millennium in Little Gaddesden -, which is well worth browsing or reading, particularly if you have Buntings in the village after 1925. It is published by the Royal Heritage Society. I donít know the price but there is a copy in the library of the Society of Genealogists, London (reference HT/ L78) but I am sure that a copy could be borrowed from your local library by making use of the inter library loan service.

On the pictorial cover of the book there is a pastoral scene showing the very first Bunting to take up residence in the village circa 1925, William Bunting (Shep.), with his flock of Border Leicesters from Home Farm on Pulridge Hill, HRT. The photograph was taken in about 1950. Pretty obviously his trade was that of a shepherd. William was reported to have migrated from Sandringham, NFK.

The book records the life and activities of the inhabitants of the village community and includes potted histories of the more notable families. That for the Buntings comprises about half a page of text with about a dozen pictures and plates of family members. A side note has an index of the name and page on which each person appears.

Apart from being a potted family history of that part of our family the book is well worth reading for the insight it gives to the life in a 20 century village in the UK.

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