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Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash

I'm trying to find some info on Elizabeth Nash. She married my Great Grandfather - Walter David Bunton in 1901 in West Ham. (Walter was the son of William Bunton and Fanny Midson - son of William Bunton and Hephzibah Rutland). Elizabeth was possibly adopted as a baby (she was born out of wedlock) and was raised by the Searles, probably in Saffron Waldron. I don't know if Mrs Searle had been a Miss Nash prior to marrying Mr Searle, in any event it would be good to find out. The Searle's came to live in Dartford in the mid-1940's with Elizabeth and Walter. If anyone can throw some light onto this I'd be very grateful.
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Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 08:08PM GMT - Friday, 04 March 2005

You pose a problem that basically the Society cannot answer as you ask about the Searles and Elizabeth Nash. Unless the Society has a member who is a direct descendant line from a Bunton to or through either of those names then they are not likely to be found in our database other than as a marriage partner. Hence Elizabeth Nash is there and the Quarter of the marriage year, June 1901, which we acquired by reading all the Bunting and variant entries at St Catherine's when the records were held there.
Did you look for Walter and Elizabeth in the 1881 Census?

Having been negative in my reply above I then wanted to be positive in an attempt to help you.

I wanted to look for Walter David and Elizabeth Nash and whilst the former appeared to be living in Kent with his parents there seemed to be too many Elizabeth Nash names to be certain which was the correct one. Do you have the christian names of the Searles as I assume from your comments that she may have been brought up by them. But from what age? Do you know where and when they lived there?
How did you know that Walter and Elizabeth were married in 1901? Have you got the certificate? What is written on it?
I suppose this is what the family history hobby is all about - detective work! I need a bit more help from you! Michael

Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash
Authored by: Mrs Sandra Walker on 09:55AM GMT - Monday, 07 March 2005

Thanks for trying.

Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 11:01PM GMT - Wednesday, 09 March 2005

Having had a look at the additional information you sent directly to me I can now say that our records do link back from your Mother and Uncle Maurice back to Walter David and Elizabeth Nash and extend further back in time from them. Other initials we had recorded just obscured the path!
By implication you suggest that you have looked on the site for a Walter David Bunton marriage and confirmed that the detail ties in with that for Elizabeth Nash in Jun 1901. At that period of time our records from the GRO did not show who was the spouse. As the Registration District where the marriage took place is West Ham, which contains many churches, it looks as though you are going to have buy the certificate in order to locate the church.The certificate hopefully will give you additional clues about Elizabeth's Father. Church Banns and its Marriage Register each may help you to find out where and with whom she lived. Wait and see if your Uncle can give you some clues first but eventually I think you will have to spend some money to progress. Michael.

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