Walter David Bunton and Elizabeth Nash

06:58PM GMT - Friday, 28 January 2005

Contributed by: Mrs Sandra Walker

I'm trying to find some info on Elizabeth Nash. She married my Great Grandfather - Walter David Bunton in 1901 in West Ham. (Walter was the son of William Bunton and Fanny Midson - son of William Bunton and Hephzibah Rutland). Elizabeth was possibly adopted as a baby (she was born out of wedlock) and was raised by the Searles, probably in Saffron Waldron. I don't know if Mrs Searle had been a Miss Nash prior to marrying Mr Searle, in any event it would be good to find out. The Searle's came to live in Dartford in the mid-1940's with Elizabeth and Walter. If anyone can throw some light onto this I'd be very grateful.

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