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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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Another Bunting Reunion in the USA

Re-union for descendants of Solomon and Louisa Smith Bunting

It's that time again--to meet new relatives and reminisce with the ones you know! Buntings from birth to 90+ come every year and we want all in between to join us for good food and fellowship.


Time & Place - Mark Your Calendars!

Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 3:30 p.m.

Cedar Grove Community Center (Remember, our reunion is the third Saturday of April each year!) What to Bring

A covered dish (plates, cups, napkins and utensils will be provided), family pictures, pictures from last year's reunion, a Bunting who has never attended.


From Asheboro, travel west on Hwy #49. Two miles past the city limits turn right on Union Church Road. The building is number 1379, 1/8 mile on the right (the opposite end goes to the airport). Please drive safely!

Officers to Serve You

President: Gary Waisner, Ramseur

Gary descends from Solomon's first son, Alson Gray.

Vice President: George York, New London George descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane. Secretary/Treasurer: Keith Bunting, Denton

Keith descends from Solomon's first son, Alson Gray.

Historian: LaVerne Bunting Hayes, Charlotte

LaVerne descends from Solomon's fifth son, Samuel Franklin.

Thanks to all our officers for doing an outstanding job!

Who is Your Ancestor? Children of Solomon and Louisa Smith Bunting:

1. Alson Gray Bunting (b. 1-1847, d. 5-2-1919) m. Elizabeth Jane Coltrane (b. 2-8-1850, d. 8-22-1932), d/o Nelson and Mary Davis Coltrane. Alson was a school teacher; he lived and is buried at Cedar Grove.

2. Arrington G. Bunting (b. 9-26-1849, d. 5-14-1913) m. Emma Cornelia Woodburn (b. 1-31-1851, d. 1-11-1931). He was a school teacher and lived in Randolph Co. and Greensboro. Emma was a teacher/co-founder of Guilford College. Although Arrington was a Quaker, he is buried at Lee's Chapel UMC, Greensboro.

3. Jonathan Worth Bunting (b. 10-1855, d. 1913) m. Mary M. Haddock (b.1861, d.4-1917). He was a farmer and gold miner and is buried at West Bend Methodist Church in Asheboro.

4. Elizabeth Jane Bunting (b. 6-2-1858, d. 11-1922) m. Henry Voncannon (b. 9-19-1851, d. 12-31-95). She is buried at Springfield Friends Meeting, Guilford Co.

5. William Hix Bunting (b. 7-7-1865, d. 7-30-1900) m. Mattie Ledwell

(b. 1875, d. 1922). He is buried at Asheboro City Cemetery.

6. Samuel Franklin Bunting (b. 12-17-1870, d. 5-29-1933) m. Effie Jane Coltrane (b. 5-7-1879, d. 6-3-1928), d/o Spencer Allen Coltrane and Katherine Purdie Hoover. He is buried at Charlotte Methodist Church, Lexington Hwy, Asheboro.

The remaining four: Abigail (b. 1851, d. between 1860-70); Asa, died young; infant, died; and Delphinia (b. 1860) died at age 29 in 1889, born blind. All are buried in Asheboro City Cemetery (at the parking area to the left from Salisbury Street entrance).

Wedding Anniversary

Preston and Bettie Shaw celebrated their 65th anniversary on March 9, 2005. Preston descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane.

Wedding Bells Ring!

Jennifer Leigh Bunting and Douglas Hunter Parks, both of Raleigh, were married Oct. 2, 2004 at the Village Chapel in Pinehurst. She is the daughter of Clark Dorsett Bunting and granddaughter of William Ray Bunting. Jennifer descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray. Leah Denise Brown and Tommy Nance were married Oct. 11, 2003 in Boiling Springs, SC. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brown and is the granddaughter of Wade and the late Mabel Bunting Brown. Leah descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. Alizabeth Tia Jones and Matthew Charles Itter were married Aug. 7, 2004 in PA. She is the daughter of Steven Michael and Virginia Gail Jones. Alizabeth descends from Solomon's 2nd son, Arrington, through son Archie Marvin. Faye Bunting King and DeWitt Austin were married Aug. 28, 2004 in Asheboro. She is the daughter of the late Samuel and Clara Ozment Bunting. Faye descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. Charity Hope Trogdon and Jonathan William Bunting were married July 3, 2004. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Bunting. Jonathan is a descendant of Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray. Denese Bunting and Dennis Leibel were married Aug. 28, 2004 in Asheboro. She is the daughter of Gene and Nancy Bunting. Denese descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Tracy Shaw and Michael Gottal were married July 31, 2004 in Charlotte. Tracy is the daughter of Larry and Patsy Shaw. She descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane.

Robert Speight and Paula Baxley Stockwell were married October 10, 2004 at Marlboro Meeting in Sophia. Paula descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Grey.

Welcome to the Bunting Family!

Keegan Hayes Jones was born Sept. 2, 2004 to Dana Camille and Thomas Craig Jones in Charlotte. He is the grandson of Don Hayes and LaVerne Bunting Hayes of Charlotte. Keegan descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. Garett Franklin Haith*censored* was born to Jason and Michelle Haith*censored*. Garett descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray. Ross Hill was born Feb. 22, 2004 at Randolph Hospital to Eric and Donna Brown Hill. Ross is the great-grandson of Wade and the late Mabel Bunting Brown and descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. Chris and Kelli Waugh, twin daughters, were born May 14, 2003 to Jordan Elizabeth and Taylor Nichole Waugh. They descend from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray.
Curtis Chase Hinshaw was born to Shane and Michelle Hinshaw Dec. 22, 2004 in Greensboro. Michelle is the daughter of Barry and Pansy Bunting Harrington. Curtis descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

John Robert Ian Carr was born to Rachel Bunting Carr and husband on Sept. 1, 2003. Proud grandparents are John Robert and Tammy Bunting of Missouri. Ian descends from Solomon's 2nd son, Arrington Gray.

We Are Sad to Have Lost

Mabel Bunting Brown,83, of Asheboro died Nov. 13, 2004. Service was held at Union Grove Christian Church. She is survived by husband, Wade Brown, sons, Gary and Wade Brown, Jr., daughter, Alesia Lawson and grandchildren. Mabel was a descendant of Solomon through her father, Samuel Franklin. William Howard Bunting, 90, of Trinity, died Nov. 15, 2004 in High Point. Service was held at Cumby Funeral Home. He is survived by daughter, Sandra Webb and others. He was a descendant of Solomon's 4th son, William Hix. Charles Leon Bunting, 70, of Asheboro died Sept. 6, 2004 in Greensboro. Service was held at Pugh Funeral Home. He is survived by wife, Patsy, and four children. Charles was a descendant of Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. William Miller, 74, of Asheboro died Dec. 6, 2004 at Randolph Hospital. Service was held at Ridge Funeral Home. He is survived by wife, Ann Bunting Miller, sons Harvey and Wayne Miller of Asheboro. Ann descends from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray. Mattie Waisner, 74, of Albemarle died April 28, 2004. Service was held at Hartsell Funeral Home. She was the widow of Ed Bunting. Ed was a descendant of Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray. Kathleen Manley Bunting, 87, died Jan. 16, 2005 in High Point. Service was held at Fairfield UMC. She is survived by daughters, Kay Bunting Curtis, Barbara Breedlove and Gayle Sullivan. She was the widow of James Albert Bunting. Albert was a descendant of Solomon's 3rd son, Jonathan Worth. Burial Place Found: After searching several months the burial place for Lawrence McIver Bunting b. July 27, 1902, d. Sept. 1, 1965, has been found. He was the son of Theodore Barkley Bunting d. 1949 and Annie Virginia James d. 1902. She was a cousin of Jesse James. Lawrence is survived by sons Andrew Gerald Bunting and William Lawrence Bunting of CA. He is buried in Hackensack Cemetery, Hackensack NJ. Lawrence was a descendant of Solomon's 2nd son, Arrington Gray.

Kelly Murray Barker received her nursing degree Dec. 18, 2004 from GTCC and is now employed at Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro. Kelly is the daughter of John and Debbie Murray and descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin. A Musician in the Family
Congratulations to Chris Allen! The band Southbound #49 won Battle of the Bands at Lake Norman Sept. 25/26, 2004. Chris is the son of Larry and Sue Allen and descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

Actors in the Family
David Wright, son of Bob and Doris Wright, is a seasoned actor. In March 2005 he performed in "Into the Woods" in High Point. David descends from Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane. Tony King, son of Faye King Austin, is a seasoned actor in the Orient. Tony was in Thailand when the tsunami struck. After five days it was learned he was safe. Tony descends from Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin.

William Hix Bunting (b. 1809) Found!
For many years we knew "there were two brothers, one went west and was never heard from again." Who was Solomon's brother and where did he go? He married Mary Bell (b. 1816) in 1833 and had several children. They were in the 1850 Randolph Co. census and moved to *censored*e Co. TN. In 1860 the family moved to Morgan Co. IN where descendants continue to live. Tom Bowen, whose wife descends from WHB, has done extensive research on this part of our family. WHB is buried in IN and Mary Bell's burial place in IN is known. This family fell into hard times because of WHB failing health. This history has been added to our archives. Family Memories of Alice Corinna Voncannon Shaw (1880-1983), Granddaughter of
Solomon Bunting 1822-1889.
Without the memories of Alice Shaw we would not know nearly as much as we do about Solomon Bunting, son of William (d 1827) and Abigail (died after 1860) Bunting. Alice was the daughter of Elizabeth Jane Bunting b. 1858 and Henry Voncannon. Alice married Edgar Shaw, a minister. She had a close relationship with Solomon and family when she was young. Alice remembered Solomon's daughter, Delphinia, born blind in 1860. She loved to play with the children. She would gather wood, pick berries and fetch water as though she could see. Solomon built steps down to the creek for her and she would run up and down them to get water. Delphinia died in 1889 of kidney problems, the same year her father died. Alice remembered his house: It was two stories with a shingle roof. The lower level consisted of a large living room with a spinning wheel in the back by a large fireplace. The parents' bed was also in the back. The girls' bedroom adjoined this room. A ladder connected the two levels later replaced by stairs built by Henry Voncannon. The upper level was living quarters for the five sons born 1847, 1849, 1855, 1865 and 1870. There was a separate kitchen west of the house connected by a covered walkway. (Currently there are 124 acres; Louisa sold 100 acres in 1887). Solomon served in Co. I 22nd NC Rgt., Infantry, CSA in 1862 with several family members and neighbors. Alice remembers him telling how awful the war was and how he had to sleep on the ground. It is believed he was wounded at the Battle of Sharpesburg (Antietam) in September 1862 (not documented). He was probably wounded by a miniball. He was reported missing/wounded in Oct. 1862). After being wounded he walked home from VA. When he reached home he was emaciated and covered in lice which was a common problem at the time. Alice said he got as far as the barn and collapsed. The children heard him hollering, got their mother, and took him to the house. (At that time the only entrance to the farm was by Lexington Hwy.) He remained in poor health from his war wounds until his death. Alice said he loved his children and grandchildren. His children would put a chair in a wagon and take him over the land. He was a good god fearing man but there is no evidence he was churched with a set of doctrines.
Solomon had a clock he loved on the mantel. Before he died it was moved beside his bed. Alice was nine when she sat in the wagon that pulled him to Asheboro City Cemetery. He is buried with his parents, William and Abigail Bunting, no markers. There are a total of about ten Bunting burials. As you enter from Salisbury St. the family burials are to the left at the parking area. Louisa 1827-1909, daughter of Michael Smith and Mary Ann Richardson lived 20 years after Solomon died. She received a Confederate pension from 1901-1909. Her youngest son, Samuel, stayed on the farm and took care of her until her death in May 1909. Rev. Rogers performed her service. She is buried beside Solomon, no marker. We are grateful to Alice for making it possible for us to know more about our family heritage.


Who was Michael Smith? Michael Smith was born in 1800 in Chatham Co. and married Mary Ann Richardson (b. 1814) on May 8, 1828 in Randolph Co. Both were born in North Carolina. Parents are unknown. Older family members remembered that they lived on So. Fayetteville St. in Asheboro where the prison is today. The Hooker families lived on both sides of them. Their first two children were:
1. Louisa Smith (b.1827 d.1909) married Solomon Bunting (b.1822 d.1889), son of William (d.1827) and Abigail Bunting (d.after 1860) 2. William Riley Smith (b.1828 d. 1900) married Mary Liza Frazier (b. 1840 d.1904). Louisa Smith and William Riley Smith are not listed in the 1850 census with their father, Michael, because they were in their own households. 1850 Census, So. Div, Randolph Co, p 115b, HH #502/509, Aug. 24: Michael Smith age 50 MW, Farmer Value/Real/Estate $250 b. in NC Mary (Polly) 36 F W Elizabeth11 F Wattends school
John19 M W attends school Albert07 M W
Winnie17 F W attends school George H03M W
Edwin13 M W attends school Susan02F W Michael signed a bond for daughter Winnie May 22, 1855. He also signed a bond for son John with Nancy Foster in 1858. Son Edwin married Eunice Tucker. He enlisted February 8, 1863 at age 24 in the War between the States and filed for a war pension in 1901. Eunice was the daughter of Richard Tucker and Roxanna Bunting, daughter of Frances Bunting and Thomas Finch. Both were grandchildren of William and Abigail Bunting. Elizabeth married 1. Capt. Samuel Elliott 2. William Clarkson Hooker (neighbor). Albert served in Co I 22nd NC Rgt, Infantry, CSA as private, age 25 in 1861. He filed for a Confederate pension in 1901. Nothing is known about George and Henry. Daughter Susan became the 2nd wife of Nelson Coltrane, son of James Coltrane and Elizabeth Ricks and is buried in Asheboro City Cemetery.
In the 1860 census Michael Smith is listed as 62, a farmer. Mary Ann's age is listed as 46. Children in the household at that time: Winny 27, domestic; Edwin 23, farmer; Elizabeth 20, domestic; Albert 17, laborer; Henry 13, Susannah; Martha A. ; Charles 3.
In the 1870 census Michael Smith has died. Mary Ann is age 54 and keeping house. Value of real estate is $200, personal property is $300. Children in the household at this time are Albert, age 27; Susan, 21; Martha A, 17, Charlie 10, and Lizzie, 8. Next door is William Clarkson Hooker, 25, and wife, Elizabeth Smith, 28, daughter of Michael Smith. Date of Death for Michael Smith: A Report of Sale of Land listing the name of Michael Smith, et al, as a buyer was dated 27 May 1863. His death date would be from this date to 1870 where the census shows he has died. This may be the closest death date that will be found. Mary Ann and daughter, Susan, are listed in the 1880 census as living in Cedar Grove Township. Four grandchildren were in the household. Older family members knew that Michael and Mary are buried in Asheboro City Cemetery near Salisbury St. in the area of the Armfield Mausoleum and around the big oak tree. No markers. They became ancestors to many descendants who married into several Randolph Co. families. We have pictures of Louisa Smith Bunting and William Riley Smith.

2005 Bunting Society Gathering in Derbyshire, England The Bunting Society Annual Gathering for 2005 will be held Saturday, October 22, 2005 at Tissington Village Hall in Derbyshire, England. All are welcome to attend. Agenda includes a brief meeting and speakers. The Society's Bunting records will be available and there will be time for you to research. The cost per person of 10 pounds includes coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. If you are interested please contact LaVerne Bunting Hayes.

Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy Membership

All members of our family are qualified for membership in SCV and UDC using Solomon's infantry service for credentials. Matthew Waisner is commander of SCV in Asheboro and his father, Terry, is a re-enactor. Michael Bunting in Albemarle is also a member of SCV. They descend from Solomon's 1st son, Alson Gray.

Pictures Found and Pictures Needed!

We have pictures of: Solomon and Louisa Smith Bunting, wedding picture, 1846; Arrington (b.1849) and Emma Cornelia Woodburn Bunting with family in 1902; Elizabeth Jane Coltrane (b. 1850) wife of Alson Gray Bunting (b. 1847); Elizabeth Bunting (b.1858) and Henry Voncannon; William Hix (b.1865) and Mattie Ledwell Bunting; Samuel Franklin (1870-1933) and Effie Jane Coltrane Bunting (1879-1928).

We need pictures of: Alson Gray Bunting (1847-1919); Jonathan Worth Bunting (1855-1913) and Mary Haddock Bunting (1861-1917). Please help!

Bunting Website -
The Bunting Society, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England, has a website. It includes membership details, the purpose and activities of the Society.

Bunting Birds

According to the Audubon Society there are more than 40 species of Bunting birds worldwide. There are 14 species known to exist in North America and they are illustrated in National Geographic’s Field Guide to the Birds of North America. All Bunting birds are members of the Finch family.

Origin of Our Name

Clothing of the Anglo-Saxons was called “Bunt�; ing or inge meant descendant or family of. We are descendants of the people who wore the Bunt. Bunting Field - Our Ancestral Home

Our cousin Diane Blair Morris and her husband, Gary, visited Bunting Field in May 2004 that was most enjoyable and educational. It is currently owned by two Lee brothers. Since there is no one in their family who wants to keep and work the farm they have suggested it would be nice to sell it to a Bunting! Anyone interested? Diane has added family history and many pictures to our Archives. Many thanks!

Our ancestral home was found by us in 1990. Bunting Field was given to John Bunting by King Edward I in 1285 as a land grant. It is located in Derbyshire (middle England) between Matlock and Chesterfield. In the 1600's, the King looked for it to destroy as it was a meeting place for Quakers. It stayed in the Bunting family until 1819 when another John Bunting sold it and moved 15 rooms of the house to Chesterfield where it served as a school and hospital. This building was demolished in August of 1990. “Bunting Fieldâ€? is still on the gate today. One part of the house is stucco with a seal,  I&E,  on the front. This part was built by Isaac and Elizabeth Bunting who are buried in the family cemetery behind the house. The newer part is built of red brick and is dated 1819. It consists of 112 acres and is used as a dairy farm. Sheep and horses are also there. It is a beautiful estate. Many Buntings have visited over the years.


Some of the Bunting Family settled in Scotland. There were not enough to form their own clan, therefore, they became a sept under Clan Graham of Menteith. You are qualified to wear this tartan. It is blue and black. Announcements

If you would like to receive the Bunting Society Newsletter twice yearly from England contact: Prue James, 143 Lodge Rd., Writtle, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 3JB, England. Phone: 011-44-787-247836. Six pounds British Sterling or about $10.00 (British Sterling must be sent).

* Please send your news for 2005 (births, marriages, anniversaries, deaths, engagements, graduations, etc.) to: LaVerne Bunting Hayes, 8601 Glen Shadow Lane, Charlotte, NC 28212. Email: Cut off date is March 1, 2006.

OLD ENGLISH LULLABY : Bye Baby Bunting, Daddy’s Gone A Hunting, Gone to Get A Rabbit Skin, To Wrap The Baby Bunting In.

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Another Bunting Reunion in the USA | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Another Bunting Reunion in the USA
Authored by: Laverne Bunting Hayes on 09:27PM BST - Tuesday, 26 April 2005
This is from my cousin Michael Bunting in Albemarle, NC (45 mi from Charlotte). Phillip Bunting is our new vice president of our reunion who lives in West Jefferson (in the mountains of NC). He descends from William Bunting d. 1827 and Abigail______, died after 1860. Solomon Bunting 1822-1889 and Louisa Smith Bunting 1827-1909 Alson Gray Bunting 1847-1919 and Elizabeth Jane Coltrane 1850-1932 Solomon Moody Bunting and Flossie Jones I have met his brother, Paul Bunting, who lives in Kentucky and his sister Becky who lives in Pennsylvania. I will go thru the newsletter to send info on others. The 22nd Bunting Family Reunion was held Saturday, April 16 at Cedar Grove Community Center, 6 miles west of Asheboro, NC. 70 attended. A short business meeting was held and a new president and VP were nominated. President: Robert Wright, Asheboro Bob descends from Solomon thru daughter Elizabeth Jane Bunting. Vice Pres: Phillip Bunting, West Jefferson, NC. Phil descends from Solomon Bunting thru 1st son Alson Gray Bunting. Gary Waisner, descendant of Solomon thru 1st son Alson Gray Bunting, was outgoing president who led the meeting in song and prayer. Flowers were given to the oldest: Preston Shaw, 95, descendant of Solomon's daughter, Elizabeth Jane Bunting, and Ila Bunting Hamilton, 88, descendant of Solomon's 3rd son Jonathan Worth Bunting. Toy ducks and candy were given to the youngest girl and boy: Avery James LeGlue, descendant of Solomon's 3rd son, Jonathan Worth Bunting, and his sister, Laura Elise LeGlue. LaVerne Bunting Hayes, a descendant of Solomon's 5th son, Samuel Franklin Bunting, gave a brief history of the family and displayed Bunting Archives items and many old family picturees and of Bunting Field, our ancestral home in Derbyshire, England. All enjoyed good food and fellowship.

A Bunting In England!
Authored by: Anonymous on 07:43PM BST - Saturday, 13 June 2009


My name is Philip Bunting, I live in London, England and I have just stumbled across your site by accident and I am now throughly intrigued! I would really like to find out more about my family name and the fact that it has it's own society! Please e-mail back with any further details you may have

Thank you I l;ook forward to hearing from you

Another Bunting Reunion in the USA
Authored by: Anonymous on 07:46AM BST - Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hello, I am Charles Henry Hughes IV. My Grandfather was Herman Allen Bunting and my Great Grandfather was James Alson Bunting. My mother Cynthia Bunting Williamson has been to 2 reunions before with my Grandfather Herman Bunting in Asheboro before his death but I did not get to go. I am trying to find out how to get info on my family and maybe a family tree? My email is . Do I have to join this site??

Another Bunting Reunion in the USA
Authored by: Jerry Green on 10:03AM BST - Thursday, 27 August 2009

Charles, i have replied to you by e-mail. We have your family tree on this web site going back to Derbyshire, England.

If you join the Bunting Society you will have access to all this information.

Our present subscription is only £6 a year or £60 for life (£6 is about $10 at present).

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

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