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Buntings of Shropshire

This morning I received birth certificates confirming the maiden names of both of my Bunting GG Grandparents, but I can find no trace of them either at Ancestry or the LDS site. If anyone is researching Shropshire Buntings, can you shed any light? I know that Frederick Bunting married Emily Bunting (they were cousins) in 1885. I now know that Emily's parents were William Bunting and Elizabeth Bunting (so I assume that William and Elizabeth were also related). Frederick's father, James Bunting (the family name is given as Bunton on the 1871 census), married an Ann Jones, born c.1835, although on one census her birthplace is given as Llanrihadir, and in another it's Worthen. I have found all these people on the 1871-1901 censuses (the only ones to which I currently have access) but I can't understand why I can't seem to find any trace of their birth or marriage records!
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Buntings of Shropshire
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 11:29PM BST - Saturday, 23 April 2005

Have you written to the other two Society Members researching Bunting/Bunton in Shropshire to see if they have further information? Their addresses are in the recently issued Members' Interest booklet.
A new issue of the Genealogical Research Directory (GRD) for 2005 is imminent. This book shows which researchers, world wide are looking for Buntings and other names. People don't submit their interests each year so to discover someone looking for the Shropshire family you may have to scan several editions. County family history societies, Local Studies Libraries & Archives usually have them too. Has Mary Rix printed you a copy of the Society held Shropshire tree? Let me know how you get on. Michael.

Buntings of Shropshire
Authored by: Mrs Helen Dann on 10:53AM BST - Saturday, 07 May 2005

I'm in contact with one member who has Shropshire Bunting connections and have written to the other. I don't have a copy of the Society held Shropshire tree, no. A further problem I've discovered is that my Buntings appear to be nowhere on the 1851 and 1861 censuses. I've accessed the 1861 census via Ancestry - no Buntings. I have a copy of the Shropshire 1851 census and also the 1851 Montgomeryshire census, but again, no Buntings! It's very frustrating.


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