Buntings of Shropshire

11:56AM BST - Wednesday, 06 April 2005

Contributed by: Mrs Helen Dann

This morning I received birth certificates confirming the maiden names of both of my Bunting GG Grandparents, but I can find no trace of them either at Ancestry or the LDS site. If anyone is researching Shropshire Buntings, can you shed any light? I know that Frederick Bunting married Emily Bunting (they were cousins) in 1885. I now know that Emily's parents were William Bunting and Elizabeth Bunting (so I assume that William and Elizabeth were also related). Frederick's father, James Bunting (the family name is given as Bunton on the 1871 census), married an Ann Jones, born c.1835, although on one census her birthplace is given as Llanrihadir, and in another it's Worthen. I have found all these people on the 1871-1901 censuses (the only ones to which I currently have access) but I can't understand why I can't seem to find any trace of their birth or marriage records!

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