Preparation For A Granada, UK, TV Programme.

11:40PM BST - Wednesday, 03 August 2005

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The Federation of Family History Societies has distributed the following notice.

The Most Amazing Names in Britain

The specialist development team at Granada Television is currently developing a programme proposal about "The Most Amazing Names in Britain" and is looking for surnames that have interesting, historical stories to tell.

Such a surname maybe 900 years old, one descendant may have been part of the aristocracy, one may have worked as a farm hand, the current holder of the surname may even be 2,000th in line to the throne, be the oldest surviving surname, last survivor of that surname. Any surname with a wonderful and truly amazing history is what they are looking for.

If you are able to help them please contact Jo Walker either via email or telephone, the details are listed below.She is looking forward to hearing your fascinating surname history. Unfortunately Jo will only be able to respond to the surnames that are put forward for the television proposal.


Tel: 0161 827 2503
Fax: 0161 827 2883

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