Buntings in Portland Jamaica

01:29PM BST - Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Contributed by: Camile Strauck

John Clarke Panton Bunting, my Great -Great grandfather, lived in Jamaica in the 1800 and had two sons, John Clarke Panton Bunting Jr. and Charles Panton Bunting. John Bunting Snr. was married to a Ms. Panton, and they had a Plantation with slaves,John Bunting snr. and his family hadlaterhelpedin a fightto abolish slavery. When the abolishion of slaves took place in Jamaica. John Bunting Snr. gave the freed slaves the surnames Panton and Bunting then there was this arrange that thereafter, no one with the namesBunting was to marry or get involve with a Panton, because they were descendants of released slaves and and they were related. This was in Portland, Jamaica in a district called Manchioneal, a part of the Bunting Estate is still there as a tourist area, called Ras Craig. It is not known, who now owns it. Other parts of the property is occupied by other persons who have the Bunting name and the Panton Name (they are said to be the descendants of the slaves released from Mr. Buntings plantation). John Bunting Snr. later relocated to Boston, Ma of the USA. Charles Panton Bunting (Or Uncle Charlie as my grandmother called him died).

John Bunting Jr. is the father of my grandmother, Mrs. Dorrie Bunting Simpson. She was born to Ms. Maisie Aikman, who was black and she named her Charlene, however, Mr. Bunting, took his daughter from Ms. Aikman and re-named her Dorrie Elaine, why?????. John Bunting Jr. visited countries such as Cuba, Panama and Barbados/Bahamas, where it is said that he had a son, called Juan. Juan Bunting, born about 1940 up and his mother's name was Ballentina. John Bunting Jr. later married a lady named Rita, her mother's name was Lenora, apart from my grand mother he had another son, Harold, I don't know who was his mother, if it was Rita, however he died too. We had a picture of my Grandparents Wedding and he was in it. John Bunting, Jr. was a reputable carpenter in Portland.

My grandmother's first daughter, My mother, was named by Mr. Bunting, he named her Maria Charlotte, and loved calling her Charlotte or Trudy, apparently the names ran in his family lines?????.

If anyone identifies with these names and story, I would sure love to here your feedback or follow-up.

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