22 - Editorial 2000

07:25PM BST - Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Having acquired my first computer in March last year (and thereby joined the 'World of the Wired' - or should it be 'Weird'?), I was deprived of the main excuse I had previously put forward for not taking on the editorship of Gone A-Hunting.

Members should know however that though this issue carries my name, as editor, I have leaned very heavily on Mary Rixin gleaning raw material and physically putting the newsletter together.

You are exhorted to come forward with editorial contributions for future issues. Please work on the premise that if a Bunting-related piece of history or topical story just might be interesting, then let me have it. Address, phone, e-mail etc. details are given opposite; I even have a fax number (01582 768549). If none of those options suit, please feel free to remit contributions by Wells Fargo, pony express, pigeon post or 'trusty native with cleft stick'.

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