17 - Editorial - 1998

08:33PM BST - Monday, 24 October 2005

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Well where has the year gone to! It seems as if Christmas was only yesterday and tomorrow it will be May!

Since our Gathering the time has just flown. Just after the Gathering David from Holkham put an article in his local paper and had quite a few responses, one of whom was related to him. A writer for the newspaper was prompted to write an article on the Bunting store in Norwich as a result, which in turn brought forward other memories of the store.

While I was at the Family History Conference at Crewe I again met Ruth Pearson from the Buntingfield tree and Roy Ashdown and his daughter Elaine from the only Hampshire tree.

It is now time to look forward to the next Gathering which has been booked at Alpheton Village Hall, once again the date being 10th October 1998. If you need accommodation there are plenty of good B&Bs in the area. The Gathering next year will celebrate ten years of The Bunting Society. It would be nice to do something special for this occasion. Please have suggestions ready for putting the wheels in action for organising the event.

Maybe it would be an idea to have a celebration dinner in the evening after the Gathering and perhaps a visit to a Bunting 'haunt' on the Sunday! It is not too far to go into Norfolk or across to Debden or Saffron Waldon.

The idea of putting together books on various branches of the Bunting clan seemed to be a nice way of celebrating ten years. I think some people are already working on books for their own branches. If you need help to get your branch stories into print please ask. There are people on the committee who have experience in this field. If you do start to do this please include background information on the area and occupations of your family.

The Bunting Society continues to prosper with more Buntings contacting us from around the world, especially as it is so easy with email. If since you sent your information in you have acquired an email address please let us know so that we can add you to our mailing list.

Please keep in touch and let us know the new twigs and leaves that need adding to your tree, and any older branches that you have discovered since last year. I try to get all the trees updated in time for the Gathering.


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