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Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall


I have got my tree to a William Bunting born 1814 Walsall, from birth certificates & census information 1851 onwards.

William married Ann Dibbing nee Carr in Edgbaston in 1835 and the family lived in various places around N & E Birmingham 1851-1871. William is a weighing machine maker when my ancestor was born.

The IGI has a record of a baptism Feb 1814 in Walsall which looks promising, giving his parents as Joseph & Mary.

Its here things start getting complicated!

I found 2 likely bunches of siblings; Joseph bap. 1822 & Mary bap. 1816 in Walsall, same church as William.

A second family, Elizabeth, Isaac & Abel, all baptised in St Martin's, Birmingham, in 1837 (though the children were born 1825-1833). I have no idea when William left Walsall.

Question 1 - do you think the first 3 children & the second 3 are the same family, or are the parents names just a coincidence?

Question 2 - I need help finding the correct Joseph & Mary, William's parents.

IGI has a likely marriage Joseph Bunting/Mary Smith 16 April 1811 but this is from a "record submitted by a member of the LDS church". So far I've not found a baptism that quite matches Joseph's likely age either. However, there do seem to be a lot of Buntings in Wednesbury, which is quite near to Walsall, and I'm sure there must be a connection.

As William had at least 1 brother & several children, is anyone else researching this particular branch?



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Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 07:29PM GMT - Saturday, 12 November 2005

Dear Vicky,
The Society does at least have a note of the family of Joseph and Mary and at some time it would be helpful of you to share your information with us as to which of the children you are descended from. Perhaps you would consider joining the Society? We do not at the moment have anyone specifically researching Walsall but three are doing the Uttoxeter area where Joseph and Mary possibly lived.
William having been a Weighing Machine Manufacturer may well have made a will, which, if you are lucky, may give clues about his family and his kindred. The Society has records of wills available in the post 1858 era.
I see why you felt that Joseph's marriage to a Mary Smith was a possibility but as you also wrote it is too late for the possibility of an earlier Uttoxeter element to the family comprising a William and an Ann.
Whilst I am always worried about LDS submitted entries I feel you must pursue that back to the person who entered it as they could have some really helpful information.
You don't say where you live, ie. somewhere near the Stafford Record Office and so could look yourself at the Parish Registers which often contain supplementary information written by the Rector or the Parish Clerk.
I am fairly certain that our Record Keeper does have a printed Staffordshire family tree.
Well I think that is all that I can contribute for the moment.

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Anonymous on 09:29PM GMT - Monday, 14 November 2005

Hi, thanks for the reply.
From the 1841 census it would appear that the two groups of sibs I'd found are in fact the same same family. Meaning that Joseph & Mary had at least 6 children: William b. 1814, Mary b. 1816, Joseph b. 1822, Isaac b. 1825, Abel b. 1827 and Elizabeth b. 1833. In 1841 Joseph Snr. is a scale beam maker.
I am descended from William b. 1814 through his eldest son Alfred, who moved up to Newcastle-on-Tyne. Alfred's father-in-law was also a scale maker.
I live in S. Yorks so can't easily get to Staffs to do any research, so I've ground to a halt for now. However, I'll have a look at the IGI films & see if anything comes to light from them.
I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't a link to the Uttoxeter families a generation or two further back; none of my ancestors seem to have stayed in the same place for very long!

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: victor bunting on 12:07PM GMT - Tuesday, 15 November 2005
I recognise some names mentioned by Vicky as being part of my family. As Vicky does not appear to be a member of the Society how can I contact her to discuss??


Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Jerry Green on 12:16PM GMT - Tuesday, 15 November 2005
As Vicky didn't login. We have no idea of how to contact her. Remember to login before submitting articles or comments to this website. Your e-mail address will never be made public.

Jerry Green
Society Webmaster.

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 10:53PM GMT - Thursday, 17 November 2005

Dear Vicky,
Please respond to Victor Bunting's reply either directly, click on 425 on his message, or better still log on as the Webmaster has suggested and then we can all chart your progress in finding out about your family.
We are only here to help!

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 01:56PM GMT - Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Our Record Keeper, Mary Rix, also believes that she has information that would be useful to you.
Do log in. Michael.

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Dr Vicky Hakin Smith on 12:53PM GMT - Thursday, 24 November 2005

Hi everyone

Finally remembered I needed to log in before writing...

I have contacted Vic directly.

Would love to hear of any other links.



Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Doreen Lent on 04:48PM GMT - Thursday, 26 January 2006

I too am researching Buntings in Wednesbury but most of them eventually moved to Birmingham. I am back to Habbakah 1789.
Would appreciate more info.Also trying to locate Bridget Fox who married Edward Bunting.

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 07:54PM GMT - Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Dear Doreen,
I believe you and our Record Keeper, Mary Rix, have been in touch. She hasn't replied to the web site to tell us of any progress made. Why don't you tell us instead?

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Doreen Lent on 02:06PM GMT - Saturday, 04 February 2006

I am the Granddaughter of Joseph Bunting who married Mary Smith in 1901.
I have gotback as far as Habakuk Bunting in 1789 but am stuck now as have found another Habakuk, surely there cant be two with that name!!!

Buntings in Wednesbury/Walsall
Authored by: Anonymous on 09:38PM GMT - Friday, 24 March 2006

I also have Habbakah 1789 Wednesbury, possible parents Isaac and Esther Wragg married in Derbyshire.
Regards Dot

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