FFHS News: Lottery Money For Community Projects That Benefit The Disabled

06:23PM GMT - Wednesday, 09 November 2005

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

November2005 - The London region of Awards for All is seeking more applications to fund community projects that either benefit the disabled or their carers or increase accessibility for the disabled to community activities.

The Awards for All programme is able to provide grants of 500 to 5000 that will enable or improve disabled access to a wide range of organisation types and activities i.e: wheelchair ramps, disabled toilets, sign language interpreters, braille, IT such as talking books, sharing information, awareness raising etc.

There will be a workshop on Tuesday, November 22 to help potential applicants to understand the application process.

In order to register for the workshop or for further details of this
campaign please visit:


Maggie Loughran
Administrator, Federation of Family History Societies

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