Do You Have Royal Connections?

09:56PM GMT - Thursday, 17 November 2005

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

Shine Limited, a TV production company are looking for people who think they may have a royal or aristocratic connection in their family tree.

They want to take seven families on a journey through their family tree to find out if there is a connection and find out about other interesting people along the way.

With their two presenters, a historian and a genealogist they want to bring your family's history to life.It may be purely a story that has been in your family for years or you may have started to look into it.

Maybe you are related to the Bowes-Lyon family, the Parker-Bowles or the Fergussons?

Maybe you are descended from a royal mistress?

Maybe you are related to Grace Kelly or the French royal family directly?

Are you black and have reason to believe that you may have blood links with a white plantation owner?

If you have any royal stories from the past 300 years give Shine a call on +44(0)870 726 8873 or e-mail Emma Beckwith

Maggie Loughran, Administrator, Federation of Family History Societies

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