Bunting Heritage Destroyed in Darby PA

04:54PM GMT - Thursday, 05 January 2006

Contributed by: Jerry Green

16th December 2005 was a bad day for Bunting heritage in the USA.

The lengthy battle of the Darby Borough Historical and Preservation Society to save the three-century-old Bunting House -- an important stop in the Underground Railroad -- ended this weekend as the demolition process got under way. See more of this story.

Yesterday afternoon, the Bunting House in Darby, dating to 1699 and with ties to William Penn, was torn down.

It was a loss for historic preservation.

Steven Rota of West Chester, owner of the property at 1205 Main St., said the demolition was necessary for a very practical reason. People were squatting in the building, he said, and he was concerned it would collapse on them. He said his liability insurance had expired.

The house, also known as the Bunting Freedom House and Friendship House, was declared unsafe four years ago by the borough, Rota said. See more of this story.

Society Members can read more, if they have logged in,in this story from Issue 23 of the Society Journal.

Do you know of any other Bunting Heritage that is threatened? What are you doing to Protect it?

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