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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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4 - From the Editor

There is no end to the compiling of family history, whichever way you look at it. As our research into the past progresses, so our own lives unfold and the story continues. Even as I write, I mourn the death of my own Mother who, ten days before her death, was present at a family wedding in Sheffield.

I like to keep the journal as much of a living record as possible, and to that end I would suggest that we begin to record current Bunting history in the journal. We have had a good response to the request for copies of Bunting birth, marriage and death certificates, but would be grateful if, having given us your tree from the earliest Bunting, (or if you haven't, please could we have a copy!) you would let us know how it continues down to your own birth! We would also be glad to record any current Bunting family events.

I am now in possession of some 19th century wills for my Derbyshire Buntings, and wonder if any of you making similar discoveries would be good enough to donate a photocopy or transcript for our archive.

We received two requests for confirmation or otherwise as to whether there was a Bunting from the Buntingfield tree in the Parliamentary Army, and I was fortunate enough to find two of that name listed in a book in Chesterfield Library.

We have seen one or two members since the reunion, and I look forward to meeting many more at Alpheton in October. Kay Beers from the U.S.A. visited England this year, but I don't think she met any other members. We were delighted to make the acquaintance of Ken and Moira Bunting who found time to come over to Lavenham to meet us during a visit to their daughter Deborah Benton. They had been celebrating their grand-daughter's 18th birthday.

La Verne Bunting Hayes and Carol Bunting Barnes have been in touch with Joan Goodwin with a view to planting a tree in memory of Anthony Bunting in the grounds of the Chesterfield (Derbyshire) Meeting House. We shall keep you posted! It would be good for as many members as possible to attend.

It has become apparent that one or two members have some difficulty reading small print. If anyone would like a taped copy of any of our jornals, they should send a suitably packaged blank tape and the return postage to me.

Although we are enjoying hot sunnier weather at the moment, I realise that Christmas will have come and gone before I write another editorial, so may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Happy Bunting hunting! Christine

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