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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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5 - Editorial

By the time you read this it will, for those in the Northern hemisphere at least, be BUNTING TIME! Bunting time, you may well be asking, What's that? A description given in 1698 states that it is "when the grass is high enough to hide the young men and maids"....and if you are still puzzled, perhaps you should brush up your Shakespeare or read Thomas Hardy's "The Woodlanders" to discover how our forebears set about their courting...most certainly pagan in origin, these practices survived into the 19th century, but could well have been shunned by Buntings with strong New Testament-based beliefs.

Our membership has continued to grow at a very satisfying rate, and we are delighted to have so many of you join us.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Ian Bunton in Australia for not writing a resume with which to preface the second part of his story. A death in my family meant that final checking was not as thorough as it should have been.

It should now be easier to trace families than hitherto in view of the work done by some of our members in copying the records from our national sources.

Following a suggestion put forward at our reunion, we are seeking members who would be willing to represent their home county. Firstly to encourage new members in their area, undertaking such local recruiting as they are able to effect; and secondly to assist those members who are unable to travel from other areas with local Bunting research. Should you be in a position to offer this service please get in touch with Mary Rix. We already have local representatives for the following areas: Lincolnshire - Roger Bunting, Shropshire and Warwickshire - Peter Bunting and London - George F Bunting. Roy Ashdown is collecting Manchester information.

I have not so far had any requests for taped readings of our journals, but I am still willing to make tapes for those with reading difficulties. Just send me a blank tape in a jiffy bag!

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the reunion if not before.


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