6 - Editorial

06:31PM GMT - Thursday, 23 February 2006

Contributed by: Mary Rix

The Bunting One-Name Society seems to continue to thrive. We are now past the 120 mark for membership with still more in the pipeline.

We already have quite a few bookings for the Gathering on October 10th at Alpheton, but there is still room for more.

For our summer break my husband, my son and I went to Derbyshire which seems to be the home of the Buntings. We visited Julie Bunting one of our Derbyshire members and received a very warm welcome. Julie and her husband Graham hope to come to the Gathering if their son is able to look after their animals while they are away.

I spent a mornimg in the Derbyshire Record Office looking to see what Bunting material they had and collecting one or two bits of information, while my husband and son went swimming. In the afternoon we went to Bonsall which appears in the Domesday Book as "Bunts Halh" the home of the Buntings. I collected the monumental inscriptions from the churchyard and also met one of the present day Buntings. He told me that his neighbour was also a Bunting (but no relation). I also met Stella Lindup who is writing a history of Bonsall for her M.A. One chapter is on the Buntings!

We are still looking for members who would be willing to represent their home counties. We have had no furthur volunteers. I cover Essex and Suffolk but there is still scope in other counties or countries. We are looking for members who do not mind approaching local Buntings and making them aware of The Bunting Society, or just asking them if they would give us any Bunting information they know thereby building up small trees many of which will take us from the 1891 census to 1912 when the mother's maiden name is in the Index of Births and the Spouses name is in the Marriage Index.

I have been asked by Michael Bunting, our Treasurer, to remind you of the increase of subscription which was agreed at last years AGM. Since we started we have had two increases of postage but have managed to keep the subscriptions down. We feel that we need now to increase the subscriptions across the board by £1, thus making the new subscription £3 and £4 overseas. Journals for 1990, 1991 and 1992 will still be at the old subscription rate.

Mary Rix

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