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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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7 - Editorial

The time has now come for our Newsletter no 7. The three and a half years since the Bunting Society was formed have passed very quickly with all the information pouring in on all sides. Our record box will soon be bulging at the sides!

Since the last newsletter we have received a copy of Dawn Hutchinson's well-written book on George Bunton and Emily (nee Wells) who went to Australia. She also gives a mention to some other Bunton families who went to Australia. Have we anyone out there who will do something similar with the Buntings?

Last weekend I attended the Conference of the Guild of One-Name Studies at Crewe in Cheshire. About fifty members attended. A few brought small displays, so there was plenty of room for the Bunting trees including two that are now twelve feet long (the ends had to stay folded on the floor). I also displayed our newsletters and the books sent by Ian Bunton and Dawn Hutchinson. I was commended by other members of the Guild on our display.

When an article about a Bunting appears in the newspaper I now get copies sent from members and from other people who know of my interest in the name. When David Bunting, the "Anti-Wasp Campaigner" who lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire appeared in the Telegraph the cutting it was sent to me by a member and by another person. I found David's telephone number in the directory and telephoned him to ask if he had any objection to me putting the article in our newsletter. I also asked about his ancestry to add as a footnote to the article. I was very surprised to find out that he came from Colchester. I already had him on a tree from information given to me by his mother who still lives in Essex.

Roger Bunting continues to find Buntings in Lincolnshire and around Coventry. He sends in their information and manages also to recruit some of them as members.

Our Gathering is booked for the 16th October 1993 at Alpheton Village Hall. It would be helpful to know as soon as possible who is coming so that we know in good time whether the hall will be big enough! I look

forward to meeting old friends as well as the new members on that day.

Mary Rix

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