Double Buntings - Suffolk and Oxfordshire

02:55PM GMT - Thursday, 23 March 2006

Contributed by: Ron Ellis

Greetings from sunny Yorkshire - from a newish Member No 442

I am asking for help on two fronts, please!

Firstly in my wife's Suffolk Tree we have a Mary Bunting. The first sighting we have of her is on the IGI marrying Robert Crane in Exning, near Newmarket, Suffolk in October 1765. Robert is my wife's fourth Great Granduncle and we have a full History from then on. But not a whisper about Mary - nothing on the IGI about birth or christening. There are plenty of Buntings in and around Exning, too. The odd thing is that Robert was born in Marlesford, and this is where their two children were born. Marlesford is a lot nearer the North Sea!

Secondly we move across England and to my own Tree to Shilton in Oxfordshire. Here, in 1818, Hannah Hunt my first cousin 4 times removed, married John Bunting and they had at least three children all born in Asthall, Oxon. Including Richard born 1828 who married a Mary and produced 7 children all born in Asthall except the first one John born in Swinbrook.

As a retired very keen FH Nut, linked with Lost Cousins, Genes Reunited and many Surname Sites I am amazed not to have had a sniff of a relative of any sort! I am in touch with Sue Edwins who is also Bunting-hunting, and have got close, but not close enough.

I appeal for advice, instruction or any contact!

Very Best Wishes to all

Ron Ellis

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