8 - Editorial

08:45PM BST - Monday, 03 April 2006

Contributed by: Mary Rix

Well its that time of year again! No sooner than some of you have read this newsletter it will be time for our annual gathering.

This year I have concentrated on putting as much as possible of the St Catherine's Index into the computer, and updating the trees.

The last journal showed how far we had linked up the trees and many of the earliest place names you had given had changed. The three main areas of Buntings still appear to be Derbyshire, Norfolk and Oxfordshire.

I hope to have an alphabetical list of Births, Marriages, Deaths and Wills after 1857 ready for members to use at the Gathering as well as the trees which have nearly all been updated.

Christine Grayson-Toms continues to find information about the Bunting store at Norwich, and the family behind the business. She has been out and about photographing the houses they lived in, and has collected the wills that exist for this family. The family tree is featured in the centre of this newsletter.

Michael Bunting has been to the Mormon Family History Centre in London and collected the 1988 IGI on computer disk. I look forward to seeing this when he has put it in a usable form.

Michael Bunting put his (and our) interests in Bunting in theGenealogical Research Directory and has had some enquiries. One of these fitted directly on to one of our existing trees.

The name of the Bunting Society is getting known further afield mainly by word of mouth and by letter. Some people we are contacting now have heard about us but have not got round to joining.

Our chairman George has written another very interesting article. I expect when you read it some of you will recognise your own ancestors. I am afraid none of mine will come into it as they were all farmers and therefore outside the scope of George's article. I am sure that Edwin Brooks Bunting will recognise his grandfather Aaron who had trade correspondence with Florence Nightingale.

Mary Rix

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