DNA Helping to Find Bunting Origins

11:25PM BST - Sunday, 16 April 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

Channel 4 Television series - THE FACE OF BRITAIN.

This series may help us to find when and where the Buntings came from or perhaps just continued living in Britain. If you qualify to participate in the experiment, follow the instructions below. If you need help with detail about your known tree then e-mail our researcher, Mary Rix, who may be contacted from the "About Us" page listed in the header above. The news of the challenge arose through our membership of the Federation of Family History Societies.

"Imagine if a simple DNA test could show that you're descended from a Viking warrior, a Saxon farmer or Norman invader.  This is what a pioneering project by Oxford University and the Welcome Foundation plan to do for the whole of the UK; and Channel 4 is going to follow the entire process.
This new Channel 4 series is called THE FACE OF BRITAIN and the programme production company Wag TV are currently seeking families who know a lot about their family history but would like to delve even deeper and have their DNA tested to reveal their ancient roots.
To qualify you and at least two generations of your family must come fromone of the following regions:Cornwall, Devon, Pembrokeshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Northumbria,Cumbria, Orkney
If you would be happy to have a simple DNA test and have your family history delved into on television then please contact Wag TV as soon as possible.Email dnauk@wagtv.com or call Sorrel on: 0207 688 2166."

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