9 - Editorial

08:19PM BST - Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Contributed by: Mary Rix

Once again the time has flown! I was hoping to get this journal out at the end of March but I do not know what happened to April.
I had a visit from Pat Ward during April. I rang her when Michael passed her letter on to me and she was coming to Fordham the next weekend. She had photographs of her ancestors back to George (son of George and Catherine RAMPLIN) and his wife Mary Ann.
After the last journal went out the new articles for the next journal poured in. I still have some ready for the next journal. Still to come is an article Diane Riley sent us about her ancestor Eli Bunting who went to Australia from Sheffield; An article about the Richard Bunting Endowed School in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, (The village from which Horatio Nelson came), from David Bunting (Holkham); and John Bunting(1839-1923) Share broker and Company Director from Roger Bunting(Aylesbury). Please continue to send the articles in.

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