The Bunting Society Chat Room or "How To Instant Message".

01:34PM BST - Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The August 2006 edition of "Practical Family History", No 104, price £3, carries a description of the way our Society Chat Room may be used on pages 52/53.

The main topic of the article by John Hanson describes how to set up your own instant messaging service, which can include camera and sound data, via a number of commercial providers in steps 1 to 4 and an example of the use of our own Chat Room in step 5.

Note that the time scale begins at the bottom of the image with later times and comments toward the top of the page. The system is not quite as instant as the text shows that there is a delay in responding to an enquirer as writer and recipient appear impatient and are probably each typing other questions and responses at the same time. Not a perfect system but at least a bit nearer a video phone system providing you have each agreed to be available and online at the same time!

For use on your own web site have a look at


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