Meeting Members on Sat. 29th July

05:48PM UTC - Sunday, 30 July 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

On Saturday I was once again running the Society of Genealogists bookstall. This time it was at the Buckinghamshire FHS Open Day in Aylesbury, U.K.

I was so pleased that three people, each of whom is a member, came and had a chat. I don't know everyone by sight but I am always pleased to make a contact as I travel round the country. It happened at the York Race Couse fair at the end of June with two members and sadly with the passage of time I have forgotten their names.

This time it was Judith Bunting, wife of our late treasurer Roger, who came along yesterday and was her old bubbly self. She and daughter Phillipa are coming along to our open day on October 14th.

John and Janet McMillan, whom I last met a year ago at our first, away AGM from Alpheton, held in Tissington, Derbyshire, had a five minute chat with me. I didn't sell many family history books!

Stan Cook who is no stranger to these pages as he appears in the items about Quainton Buntings, caught me out as I had never met him before. Luckily I was wearing a distinctive yellow, SoG T-shirt with my name on the front and back. Our contact was brief as I was unusually busy at that time but it was great to meet you Stan.

My next outings on behalf of the SoG will be at the Great North Fair on Saturday, September 9th in Gateshead. Mary is usually there too on the commercial, TWR stand. Also I hope to be at the Hampshire Open Day on September 24th and the West Surrey Open Day on November 4th. So do come along and make yourself known. You are always welcome. Michael.

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