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07:29PM BST - Wednesday, 02 August 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

In searching through my various family history notebooks for a Yorkshire talk I am due to write up I came across a page of a book from the 4th March 2000 written in the Guildhall Library.

I apologise for the following being largely in tabular form but I thought the information warranted repeating for its facts even though it is not much of a story.

My visit to the Guildhall Library stemmed from my knowledge that our President, George H. Bunting has a tall (often called a Grandfather) clock in one of the passageways of his cottage at Castle Cary, Somerset, UK. The inscribed name of the maker is John Bunting. I believe an article was written about it in one of our early Journals. If I don't find the reference shortly I will add it later to this article as a "Reply".

There were two reference books which mentioned Bunting Clockmakers and their apprentices. Abbreviations are followed by the full word in brackets the first time they appear.

1). Britten's Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers, 9th Edition. 1982. reference 92681, Page 389.

Bunan 1770 Paris, Rue Coquilliere, Etienne, Rouen, m (master). He manufactured in Paris from 1772 -89. An example of his cartell clock being in the Carnavalet M (Museum)

Bunting Joshua 1648 - 51 cc (Clockmakers' Company) app (Apprentice to) Wm Bunting 9 Mar 1648 t/o (turned over) Thos Wolverton 24 Feb 1651 until 1658, but not freed.

Bunting William 1631; watch inscribed on the dial "Ioanni Miltoni".

Bunting William 1637 - 45 cc app Thos Dawson 1 Nov 1637 f (Freedom of the Company) 3 Feb 1645; Popes Head Alley, Cornhill. Died circa 1650-54. Took as apprentices:-

Feb 1647 Nathan Smith; Jul 1647 John Cann - free 1649; Aug 1647 Thomas Fenn - transferred to John Cann Jun 1650; Mar 1648 Joshua Bunting. Also bound an apprentice for Thomas Knifton, John Cann, Henry Ireland, Edward Taylor, Thomas Wolverston and two for Jeremy Gregory.

Bunton ------. North Walsham, Norfolk, UK. Up to 1789 w (Watchmaker).

2). Loomes Vol.2 Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World. Ref. R926/81

Bunting Daniel, Philadelphia 1844 (There was no indication if this was UK or USA).

Bunting John, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, UK circa 1700 - 1780 c (Clockmaker).

Bunting William. As listed under Britten above. Michael.

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