Domesday Book 1085/2006 or My Ancestor Lived With and Was Taxed By The Conqueror!

12:04PM BST - Saturday, 05 August 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

My apologies to Anthony Camp and the Society of Genealogists for appropriating one of their titles, " My Ancestor Came With The Conqueror" but it did seem apposite!

The National Archives (TNA) formally announced on Thursday that they had released, on their web site (, a modern translation of the Domesday Book.

There are a number of routes into the item from the home page. At the LHS click on "News from the TNA 1085 - 2006". Read this, then click on "Explore Domesday Now". Search Domesday Now (fill in the name of the town or village you want) & click GO. Or on the RHS click the "Domesday Panel" then search the town/village or click "Discover" or click "World". Or, at the bottom of the Home page click on the picture of "the Book". This gives more information about the book and also searching or click on "More" which leads to Playing the Domesday game.

There are many more facets to the both the book and site before you have to pay for downloading any information that you might want!

Have fun. Michael

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