A Chance To Have Your Family Written About In A UK, National Newspaper.

11:25PM BST - Sunday, 13 August 2006

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The Federation of Family History Societies circulated its Members on August 8th 2006 as follows. Don't forget to mention where you found out about the enquiry!


I am putting together an article on tracing your ancestors for The Guardian
and am looking for people to speak to who have been successful at tracing
their family tree or perhaps even just a specific ancestor - and have
interesting stories to tell. This could be the way that you that you have
traced your tree, what inspired you to begin your search, any particular
extraordinary/characterful ancestors you've discovered along the way,
stories that might involve reconciliations between family members or family
stories that illustrate wider social and historical shifts such as
industrial revolution movements, emigration, immigration or war.

Interviews will be done on the phone at a time to suit you and should take
around 20-25 minutes. If anyone would like to share their family tree
stories then please contact Anna Melville-James on 07957 454881 or

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