William Bunting and Jane Harris

03:50AM BST - Monday, 14 August 2006

Contributed by: Denise M Pino

My name is Denise Marie Pino and I am a California USA Bunting.

I'm looking for information on my ancestor William Bunting and Jane Harris. (i.e. Birth Certificates/ Records, Marriage Certificates/Records, Death Certificates/Records, Photos, Etc.)

I have William as being born in April 1723 in Tiffield Parish, Northamptonshire County, England.  He married Jane on February 6, 1756 in Hardingstone Parish, Northamptonshire County, England.  I only have the year she was born which was 1731 in Hardingstone Parish, Northamptonshire County, England.

William died on August 1807 in Quainton, Buckinghamshire County, England.  Jane died on October 27, 1817 in Quainton, Buckinghamshire County, England.

I've come to a "dead end" on who was William's parents and also Jane's.  If you have any information which you would like to share, I would very much like to hear from you.

Also, if you are a relation, I do have a Bunting website and would be happy to send you an invitation to visit.  It has a lot of family history, photo's, documents, etc.  As our family believes "the more we share", "the more we learn".


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