Arriving in America

04:04AM BST - Monday, 14 August 2006

Contributed by: Denise M Pino

All five sons of John and Elizabeth Anstiss Bunting of Quainton, Buckinghamshire County, England, emigrated to the United States during the 1830's. 

John Jr., James and Charles and their families left Liverpool, England in April 1830.  They sailed on the Ship Hermitage for a new home in the wilds of America.  They arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana in June of 1830, then traveled by flatboat up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Shawneetown, Illinois.  From there they went by foot and oxcart to the English Settlement of Albion in Edwards County, Illinois.  James and Charles setted in Edwards County while John moved on to Michigan.

In July of 1834, George and his family and quite possibly the oldest brother, William and his family, departed from England for America and landed in New York in August of 1834.  They too settled in Michigan.

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