John Bunting

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This text can be found "In A History Of Edwards County, Illinois - Volume I 1980"

John Bunting was born July 10, 1761 in Tiffield, Northamptonshire, England.  He was the son of William and Jane Harris Bunting.  John married Elizabeth Anstiss on July 12, 1787 in Quainton, England.  Her parents were Thomas Anstiss and Anne, last name unknown.  The Anstiss family was one of the wealthiest in Quainton.

John and Elizabeth had nine children:  William born 1788 in England, married Rebecca Roadlight and Elizabeth Clark: John Jr. born 1791 in England marired Elizabeth Brasill and Mary Ann Todd; James Sr. born July 6, 1794 in England, married Charlotte King and Sophia Ives; Charles born April 2, 1797 in England, married Elenor; Eliza Maretta, born 1799 died 1817; Salina, born 1808 in England married John Shirley; Emanuel, born 1802 died in 1804; George, born 1806 married Martha Wood; and Sarah, born 1809 died 1823.  Charles and Elenor are both buried in Edwards County.  Salina and John never left England.

John and Elizabeth, both died in the year 1846, she on February 11th, and he died on February 18th, they are buried in the Quainton Church Cemetery, along with William and Jane Bunting.

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