2 - From the Editor

09:15PM BST - Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Our thanks to everyone for the wonderful response to our first Bunting Newsletter. As a result we are not at all short of ideas for features.

The basic format established in the first letter has been retained and new features introduced as a response to members' requirements.
We already have close connections with the BUNTON family. Bunton is a variant of Bunting, and was at some time retained and perpetuated in that form (see p.10 of first newsletter).
We extend a very warm welcome to the American Buntings, who have their own reunion. Three of their members are planning to attend ours in October. Full details of the reunion are enclosed, and we look forward to meeting you on 13th October.
I   personally   would like to thank Mary Rix for her   advice, encouragement and not least the use of their word processor!
Happy Hunting and keep the letters coming!
Christine Grayson-Toms

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