Buntings of Cheadle/Brinksway

12:29AM BST - Thursday, 31 August 2006

Contributed by: Mrs Sharon Desaulniers

I really need some help sorting the information I have obtained out as what I believe happened is like a soap opera of sorts.   Any information that agrees or disagrees with my research would be greatly appreciated.

In the Cheadle St Mary transcripts I found Ruth Bunting(1817), William Bunting (1822), Nancy Bunting (1825) and Samuel Bunting (1827).  These 4 children were christened to William (weaver) and Mary Bunting.  Mary was buried at the parish church of Cheadle Dec 31, 1829.

The 1841 Census I have Nancy and Ruth living with George and Elizabeth Bunting.  There is no mention of either William.  The census reference number is:  H0107/113/1 Folio 19, Page 36.  I believe the other children living with George and Elizabeth are their own children.

The 1841 census that I have located Samuel on, he is living with Mary Ann Bunting (sister?) The census reference is HO107/548/15 Folio 28 page 15 in Tonge Lancashire

I have Ruth Bunting marrying George Wood in Heaton Norris in 1846.  The 1851 census has Nancy living with them along with a nurse child.  The reference to 1851 census is:  HO107; Piece: 2156; Folio: 669; Page: 65

I have found that in the meantime Elizabeth Bunting passed away in 1847 Stockport and George married Lydia Wood in a civil ceremony 1850 Stockport.

Ruth Bunting Wood passed away in 1855, her husband George Wood married sister Nancy in 1856 Stockport St. Mary.

Lastly, I am not sure if the person Mary Ann Bunting that Samuel was living with in 1841 was actually named Mary Ann as it is hard to make out on the census.   I have not been able to locate her in any further census, nor have I been able to locate a marriage or death for her.

Sharon Desaulniers


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