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09:14PM BST - Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Contributed by: Ms Jenny Bunton

I have recently managed to track down almost all of my grandfather's siblings & their families & am now in contact with cousins I didn't know I had.

However I cannot find my grandfather's sister who was called Ivy Bunton.  She was born in 1906 in East London and I think married a man called Les - possibly surname Groom.  I think she had a daughter called Gwendoline.

I am also interested in Grandad's dad who I think was called Edward Bunton probably born in 1874 & died around 1914.  He had several siblings - Harriet (born 1866?), Emily (1868?), Annie (1870?) Cyril (1876?) & Jessie (1881?).  I'd like to find details of any of these siblings and their descendents.  My branch of the familh comes from East London although we think there might be a link to Swaffham in Norfolk.

Any information gratefully received!

Jenny Bunton

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