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Buntings From New Zealand

I am interested in tracking down Lorraine Bunting from New Zealand, I believe she had three or four brothers and three or four sisters, she came to Adelaide, Australia in 1969 where I met her.

I believe one of her sisters married in Australia. Would really like to contact someone from the family.

Willow (Roylene)

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Buntings From New Zealand
Authored by: Anonymous on 06:06PM GMT - Sunday, 04 February 2007

hi there i have just visited the Bunting web site and read your note about contacting a Lorraine Bunting who went to Australia. Well my sister is Lorraine Bunting but she didn't go to Australia. This one is still in NewZealand. How ever i am very interested in reading about the Buntings in both New Zealand and Australia. I have done quite abit on my Bunting side and they came from Donaghadee in Northern Ireland. I will join the society and then hopefully will have access to all regards Annette Bunting

Buntings From New Zealand
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 07:48PM GMT - Monday, 05 February 2007

Dear Annette,

I did wonder if your sister might have gone to Australia on a holiday? You don't give her age and I don't want to know as this is an open page!

Regarding your Donaghdee ancestors. Have you tried our Record Keeper, Mary Rix? Write to her using her name link on the "About Us" page. Give her a bit more information though by saying how far you have got. We like to share information. Michael.

Buntings From New Zealand
Authored by: Anonymous on 05:12PM GMT - Saturday, 23 February 2013

thanks for your reply, iv only recently looked back at this site. one of my biggest concerns is i have no family medical history. im in my 40,s and have 2 kids who i can not give this info to. thank you for your advice, i will check it out, all best wishes, roylene

Buntings From New Zealand
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 07:37PM GMT - Monday, 05 February 2007

Dear Willow,

I was pleased to see you had a response from Annette. Your enquiry being about modern people it does depend on someone from their family using this site.

Two thoughts on techniques you might try. First tackle the New Zealand telephone directory. You might be unlucky if she is ex-directory or not the listed person. Second and assuming she is over the age of 18, then try the NZ Electoral Registers. Finally try our Record Keeper, Mary Rix. You can write directly to her by clicking on her name on the "About Us" page in the header above. Michael.

Buntings From New Zealand
Authored by: Jerry Green on 11:21PM BST - Monday, 26 March 2007
There are many references to New Zealand Buntings on this website. See them on this link, but five of the stories are only available to Society Members who have logged in first.

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

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