Federation of FHSs' Ezine - A Replacement for the Newsflash.

11:56PM GMT - Friday, 16 February 2007

Contributed by: Michael Bunting FSG

The Federation have issued their first replacement for the Newsflash in February 2007 and called it Ezine.
It is possible to subscribe (or to unsubscribe) by putting the following URL in your browser.
http://www.ffhs.org.uk/ezine/subscribe.php The Ezine has the advantage that it can be read by member family historians directly without have to request expensive (in time, effort, cost and postage) photocopies. Consequently you will have the latest news available.
One of the subjects in this issue is the programme of events leading to the withdrawal to The National Archives (TNA) of the census material by April 2008. It is claimed by TNA that it will save them ?1M p/a.
The impact of this change will be worst for those non metropolitan family historians who previously travelled to the central London main line stations and then in future will have to bear the extra cost of the journey to Kew and perhaps more importantly, to lose the two way journey time from an already short research visit.
Central Government through the TNA is forcing through unwelcome and unnecessary changes on the public.

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