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Availability of family trees

As a member who has enjoyed visiting two wonderful AGMs in the past, in addition to the pleasure of meeting other family members, it ihas been so good to have the opportunity of looking through the numerous family trees pinned up around the AGM meeting room.

I have looked on this, the Society's web site, but (unless I have missed a link) find no opportunity to view any of the trees on the site.  I think this is a great shame.   I would imagine most members are keen to obtain as much information about their branch of the family as they can; after all, is that not what the Society is all about?  Obviously some members have spent many many hours, days and months compiling the trees, but surely once this work has been done, it would be perverse if other members had to recompile them from scratch?!

Has the committee therefore given any thought to making the trees more widely available on the site or at least to publishing them on one of the commercial web sites?  May be this is already the case; if so can anyone tell me where can they be found?


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Availability of family trees
Authored by: Mr George I. Bunting on 01:39PM GMT - Monday, 12 November 2007

I would very much agree with this. I joined the society under the mistaken impression (no doubt my mistake) that this would give me access to researched family trees that might connect to mine.

George Bunting

Availability of family trees
Authored by: Prue James on 02:04PM GMT - Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Thank you for your note on the website .  I am sorry you are disappointed  at present, but grateful to you for letting us know your views.

 The Bunting Society website is constantly being developed and updated.  Earlier this year each member was invited to say what he/she would like to  see on the website.  Our website manager has looked carefully at the  replies and has already acted upon a number of the suggestions.  As a  result, several projects have been undertaken eg a more user-friendly  site, the facility for viewing past journals online, the facility for  every member to contact other members via the website and, very recently, the payment for membership via Paypal.

 We have become aware that the publication of genealogical data on the  website is a matter that we need to address with some urgency, and this item has already been for some months on the agenda for our next committee  meeting.

 Due to the committee's homes being located across England, it is only feasible for us to meet twice a year.  This, and the fact that we are all  working for the Society on a voluntary basis in addition to having many  other diverse commitments and interests, means that improvements and  changes take time.

 Please be assured that we will discuss the issue you raised at our forthcoming meeting and will  implement any decisions that are agreed upon.

Availability of family trees
Authored by: Michael Bunting FSG on 12:05AM GMT - Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Dear George,

Prue has replied with the confirmation of the current situation that you and Mark have raised and followed it by saying the Committee will discus the matter on November 28th.

We have a problem in that all of the trees have personal data of people who are very much alive. Those Members don't wish to have their facts stolen and misused. The newspapers regularly carry stories of "stolen Identities". I think the Society could be liable under the "Data Protection Act" too if we published the trees. Even so I believe it is possible to arrive at a sensible solution for a wider provision of family history data.

Is there an interim solution? Several I think. Mark came to the Tissington, (DBY) AGM/Open and Research day when we had many trees but not all, on open display. We had selected those of the County in which Member attendees had ancestors. The rest were in a box in the hall. I don't know where you live but could you have come too? Attendees were asked to amend the trees or to show additions where they were needed to so that the data file could updated. Recordkeeper, Mary Rix, is only too willing to send you a gedcom copy, or printout of your tree and to discuss any need you may have for any other County or named tree. Have you been in touch with her?

It's one minute to midnight so I think that is enough for now except to ask you to help the Committee further by giving them fully your view.


Availability of family trees
Authored by: Jerry Green on 11:27AM GMT - Wednesday, 14 November 2007
In loading family trees onto the website we can easily filter out living individuals completely or just filter out data against them. This is standard practise on any genealogical web site.

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

Availability of family trees
Authored by: Jerry Green on 09:04PM BST - Tuesday, 21 April 2009

There are now fifteen family trees available on the web site. Feedback from members would be very welcome.

Jerry Green Society Webmaster.

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