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01:30AM BST - Saturday, 12 May 2007

Contributed by: Mark Dodgson

As a member who has enjoyed visiting two wonderful AGMs in the past, in addition to the pleasure of meeting other family members, it ihas been so good to have the opportunity of looking through the numerous family trees pinned up around the AGM meeting room.

I have looked on this, the Society's web site, but (unless I have missed a link) find no opportunity to view any of the trees on the site.  I think this is a great shame.   I would imagine most members are keen to obtain as much information about their branch of the family as they can; after all, is that not what the Society is all about?  Obviously some members have spent many many hours, days and months compiling the trees, but surely once this work has been done, it would be perverse if other members had to recompile them from scratch?!

Has the committee therefore given any thought to making the trees more widely available on the site or at least to publishing them on one of the commercial web sites?  May be this is already the case; if so can anyone tell me where can they be found?


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