14 - Editorial

07:50PM BST - Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Contributed by: Jerry Green

It is nearly time to meet again at our Annual Gathering at Alpheton Village Hall. This will be our eighth Gathering - doesn't time fly when you are having fun!
Since the last newsletter I have spoken to more Buntings and made contact with others via the internet gradually finding out where the Buntings went throughout the world.
I have been in touch with two descendants of the Quainton, Buckinghamshire Buntings who both live in America. The tree seemed to stop in England but they have given me how the tree continues in the USA.
One of the grandchildren of Joseph and Emma Tunicliffe from Derby went to Ontario I have been in contact with the descendants
I have contact with two people whose Buntings came from Germany. A new area for the Bunting Society. The only thing we know about Buntings in Germany is that there is Bunting tea (the type you drink) there.
This year I have had visits from Myles and Brenda Bunting from Canada. Dawn Hutchinson and her sister Faye Bunton from Australia also visited. It was lovely to see them and hear their Bunting/Bunton news.
We are always looking for new articles for Gone A-Hunting. If you wish to write an article about your Bunting family. Please do, we would be pleased to accept it.

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