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Welcome to The Bunting Society
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15 - Editorial

The years seem to be flying past and more people still seem to be coming forward interested to join our Society. Our membership is now over the 150 mark.
The excuse for the lateness of the journal this time is a visit to Australia and New Zealand. Trevor, Timothy and I went for seven weeks to visit friends and relations and see the sights!
The first Bunton we met up with was Bob in Malabar, (Sydney). He has started a Directory of World Buntons on the internet. For those with internet access this can be viewed at (This link no longer exists - webmaster). Bob showed us around Botany Bay which is five minutes from Malabar.
The next Bunting member we visited was Vivienne Parker in Remuera, (Auckland NZ). We just happened to be in Vivienne's road and called. We were made most welcome and have now established an e-mail contact with Vivienne.
Back in Australia, in Melbourne, we met up with lan Bunton (Bob's cousin) who kindly showed us around. lan was one of the first people to present a book on his Buntons to the Bunting Society.
At Geraldton in Western Australia I again left my family tree with my cousins. We met up with another Bunting member here - John Mellors who has been providing the Society with the IGI and American SS records as well as obits from the web and other Bunting information.
The next Bunton contact we made was in Queensland. When we got to Rockhampton I telephoned Jane Hulme. Jane's husband Richard was at home and invited us to Mount Morgan to meet them. When we got there we were treated to a tour of Mount Morgan and invited to stay for the night. Jane showed me her Bunton information and gave me copies to bring home. She had a lovely photograph of her great-grandfather with his family presumably sent or taken out for her grandfather who worked in the gold mines there. I met one of Jane's brothers and her sister and spoke to the other brother on the telephone.
After going through Brisbane we called on Elaine and Norm Whatmore who made us very welcome. We stayed in a little house in her garden at Bahrs Scrub. I transferred a copy of Elaine's Bunting tree on to her computer for her use.
Only a short distance from Elaine's lives another member Dawn Hutchinson at Coombabah. Dawn visited us here last year and we visited her this. She has amassed a lot of Bunting/Bunton information and makes lots of new contacts for us.
We took all Bunting Society members addresses with us and if we were in their area we tried to contact them.
I left the journal half finished before we went and have now come back revitalised to finish it. Michael has been kept busy with all the new contacts on the internet and keeping everything ticking while I was away.
We will be again having our Gathering on the second Saturday in October at Alpheton. Looking forward to seeing some of you there.
Anyone willing to come and help us get ready for the Gathering please contact me for information as to where and when
People with display material for the day please let me know in advance as we are usually tight on space.
Mary Rix

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