16 - Editorial

10:01PM BST - Thursday, 31 May 2007

Contributed by: Jerry Green

We are now getting to the end of a lovely hot summer - too hot for some - and beginning to look back to our winter hobbies. With the work in the garden lessening there is more time to think about family history. I have just come home from the Federation of Family History Societies conference in York where we had four days of lectures a research room to use and bookstalls to buy more family history books.
The Banquet at the conference - each conference has one - was at the York Railway Museum. We were entertained by a brass band and were allowed to go round and see all the exhibits. The banquet was on the railway platform!
I met up with Viv Parker, whom I had previously met in New Zealand and Ruth Pearson one of our Derbyshire members.
Christine asked in the last newsletter if anyone had ideas for the tenth reunion. Up until now we have had no suggestions. Maybe a special tenth anniversary publication or a special event. Please send in your ideas so that we know what you would like.
I am going to the Public Record Office in Kew on 20th September so hope to look up any army Buntings and also Buntings who worked on the railways.
For the Bunions who have asked about 'Baby Spice' of Spice Girls fame. Emma Bunton is on the Woodford Essex tree.
Any material for the Newsletter is welcome. It is good to have new contributors with their own Bunting Stories. Perhaps you have some family stories that you would like to relate. These stories could die out if they are not preserved. Please send copy for the next newsletter like this the stories with be distributed and preserved.
Michael and Jeannc Bunting arc in Canada and USA at the moment. They hope to be meeting some of the Buntings on the 'other side of the Big Pond'.
Please keep in touch and let us know any updates that are necessary to your trees. This is recording first hand knowledge of the families. We could record Bunting births marriages and deaths in our newsletter if you let us know of any in your family
Man Ri.x

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