28 - Editorial

07:00PM BST - Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Contributed by: Jerry Green

In the centre of this issue of Gone A-ffunting is your invitation to the Bunting Society's 15th Anniversary Gathering in July next year. This promises to be a rewarding weekend for everyone, whether they are avidly - or just mildly - interested in family history.
Even if you groan inwardly at the thought of yet more family trees, parish registers, census returns etc, then please don't be deterred - there will be plenty for you too! The innovative 'What Buntings Do' display will, hopefully, get you thinking about the contributions you can make, and those dark winter evenings between now and next July could be the ideal time for preparations for the display. A summer weekend in lovely surroundings with good food, accommodation and company - it sounds good! And it will indeed be good if you respond as we hope! Please support the Bunting Society by coming to the 15lh Anniversary Gathering and also by passing on the invitation to all your Bunting 'clan' relations and any others you know with Bunting blood in their veins. By the way, membership of the Society is not a pre-condition for attendance at next year's Writtle event!
We are. looking forward eagerly to a memorable celebration next July and to welcoming plenty of newcomers as well as familiar faces. The success of the 15th Anniversary Gathering depends on your response!
Please copy the invitation as many times as you wish, and if you would like more information contact our Secretary, Prue James. Her contact details are on the opposite page.
Meanwhile, the 2003 annual Bunting Society gathering is almost upon us. The date is Saturday October 11, at the now traditional venue - the Village Hall at Alpheton, Suffolk, roughly midway between Bury St Edmunds and Sudbury on the A134. Though more modest in scope than next year's special celebration, it promises plenty of Bunting family history interest. We have a number of speakers who will be talking about the fruits of their research into particular ancestors whose names appeared in the 1881 British Census.
Prue James & Alan Bunting
Please could you notify me when you change your name, address and more especially your email address. . .

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