29 - Editorial - Pictures Please

07:09PM BST - Thursday, 14 June 2007

Contributed by: Jerry Green

For ordinary mortals, if Goons come up in conversation, happy memories are evoked of the sadly-missed Messrs Seacombe, Milligan and Sellers (and, originally, Bentine: 'the only Peruvian born in Watford', as he called himself)- But GOONS as an acronym is something quite different, of particular relevance to anyone on a genealogical quest. The Guild of One-Name Studies, which has recently celebrated its 25* Anniversary, is a body whose aims are to help those wanting to research a particular surname. The Bunting Society is GOONS affiliated; Mary Rix and Michael Bunting are regular attendees at its meetings.
Each year the GOONS holds a competition to find the best one-name society newsletter. For 2003, the Bunting Society's Gone A-Hunting was entered for the first time and. to the surprise of many, not least the editor, it was awarded the creditable 3"1 prize.
It later transpired that the winner - from the Metcalfe Society - and the runner-up publication were more ambitiously illustrated than the issue of GA-H that was submitted for the judges' scrutiny. Thanks to the flexibility of modern printing technology, as well as the ability to scan nearly all photographs, drawings or other illustrations, there are no real technical obstacles to our more widespread use of pictures in these pages.
Those Bunting Society members who have branched out into the brave new world of digital photography will know that taking pictures and then sending them through cyberspace is fast and hassle-free, once one has mastered the initially daunting process of downloading the images from the camera into the computer. But once saved, and possibly adjusted in size, any selected shot can be attached to an e-mail and sent over the wire.
If you have some 'Bunting relevant' pictures, let us have them please. If they are hard-copy prints or transparencies, mail them to the editor's address (see opposite), or you can e-mail them to a.bunting@btclick.com. Don't forget to include a caption or, better still, a story telling GA-H readers the background to the picture. In particular, try to give us the names of people in the picture and an indication, where pertinent, of when the photograph was taken or the sketch drawn.
Alan Bunting (177)

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