34 - Editorial

03:13PM UTC - Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Contributed by: Alan Bunting

Genealogical research is fascinating but usually also time consuming. The Bunting Society's extensive family records have been compiled laboriously over a period of some 16 years and are fairly jealously guarded, to the extent that 'casual' visitors to the society's website are unable to pursue their ancestral investigations free of charge. Not unreasonably, we ask that they should become members - at the extremely modest cost of just £4 a year for individuals in the UK, or £6 for those living overseas. There are today of course plenty of other sources of family history information. The arrival and subsequent growth of the internet has given relatively easy access to census returns, notably those from the 19* Century, augmenting the data which has always been available from national and local (county and parish) records. The latest quite different internet-based facility to make an impact is Genes Reunited, an offshoot of the arguably notorious Friends Reunited, which has acquired a reputation for dangerously re-igniting long-quiescent fires of passion.
Genes Reunited serves its purpose. But from the point of view of a family history group like the Bunting Society it seems a shame that those who have started off by undertaking their own painstaking research in dusty townhall or parish archive rooms should then make all their findings available 'to the world' through a brash 'all names' genealogical website. If those with Bunting antecedents instead were to contribute their initial family information to the Bunting Society archive, with its many firmly identified and geographically-rooted 'trees', they would find their exploration to be more fruitful and probably surprising!
This issue ofGoneA-HHUfinghas been given a fresh and arguably more professional appearance, making what we think Bunting Society readers will agree is an improved use of pictures and a two-column layout which should be literally easier oh the eye. Society member Louise Bunting, who currently produces a club magazine in the vintage car world, has taken on the task of putting the journal together. We sincerely hope it will meet with members' approval. The editor (contact details opposite) will welcome any — preferably constructive — comments about our 'new look'. Even more welcome will be contributions of Bunting-related stories, either historial or topical, to grace the pages of future issues.

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